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080 Barcelona Fashion Part One: A journey of knitwear discovery 


Their design language is based around the use of knit and heritage that they have developed over the years. For the brand, showing at 080 is a possibility to share with a wider audience their take on fashion, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. The simplicity of their design comes from their commercial background, but they always are trying to construct a visual narrative for each season that stimulates the receptor of the show. With RE-CONNECTION they are sharing a journey through time and space, a multicultural trip where shape and color is integrated into the famous knitwear range of products. A digital theme of the show can be noticed in the use of jacquards and pixelated flower prints in keeping up with the future dusk trend that they are trying to express through the runway looks. 25 looks that range from neutral tone outfits with contemporary silhouettes to some looks that can be perceived as a sensory experience and an attempt to bring us closer to nature through sustainability techniques.


The brand brought the color for the first day of 080 Barcelona Fashion. With carefully crafted details, their designs are a reinterpretation of summer classics. HOLI is the name for the show, the brand is inspired by the Hindu spring festival where color meets freedom. Across the 40 looks that compose the collection, a sense of artistic expression is infused with the clothing pieces that reflect the magic of the festival. Is an attempt to capture joy and vitality through craftsmanship and different knitwear techniques. The business model of the model is the see now, buy now method, where you can actually go to their website and select your favorite outfits from the show to have a summer full of color.


History and traditions are always involved in the creative process of the brand. This time they are presenting 31 looks that expressed strength, bravery and unity in a context of femininity. THE ART OF BRAIDING is an homage to all those women that braided for their communities, that brings along collaborative processes assuring a collective life far from individualism. An array of functional garments for the woman of today were presented, focusing on the architecture of the materials and forms that can be created by a thread. Looks that revolve around concentration and meditation, where the canvas of the pieces, the fabric, is the most curated and intricate part of the collection

Words: @alraco43