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A sense of utilitarian romance was presented in Chloé Pre-Fall 24

We thought that the first collection designed by Chemena Kamali for Chloé was the one presented on the runway last March, but we were so wrong. The first one was this Pre-Fall 2024 where she managed to keep it sincere, real and functional for the brand’s woman. We could now know why her first moves in the brand were so seamless and fitting, reminding that she already worked for the brand under Karl Lagerfeld two periods of time. This array of images, shot by Drew Vickers, feel like a continuation of The Chloé Portraits campaign captured by David Sims, and that is what I call image curation for a brand. 

The approach that the designer went for was the idea of a wardrobe for contemporary women that love to be themselves just as she is. A carefree and romantic mood was set by the fluid compositions that were conceived under Kamali creative direction. Her work for now has been a search in the rich archive of the brand for inspiration and to rework items that can shine in the present we live in. Garments are calibrated for daily use and they are perfectly-cut with a formal informality infused into them. The color palette is austere, but it fits with the boho chic aesthetic that the designer wants to bring back to the fashion industry. And the casting was well selected, thinking of representing what the Chloé woman might look like or want the creative director to look like.

Coherent looks that were photographed with a clear inspiration in mind, the advertising shoot for Karl Lagerfeld’s 1977 collection. Keeping that in mind, we can see how wearable these pieces are and how the complements can be desirable for a non-client of the brand. The use of capes, ruffles, pockets and leather creates a familiar and utilitarian language for new consumers. We want to see from this publication, how the work of this designer evolved and how she elaborated on the idea of soft and substantial clothing.

Words: @alraco43