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A$AP Rocky with Fenty Beauty’s Lux Balm

In a power move that transcends both romance and business, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, the dynamic duo of the music and fashion world, have joined forces for Fenty Beauty’s latest sensation—the Lux Balm. Revealed through a captivating Instagram post, Fenty Beauty described the new lip balm as a «Barbados Cherry-powered lip balm packed with vitamin E + shea butter.»

The post, featuring A$AP Rocky as the focal point, exudes the couple’s undeniable chemistry and celebrates their collaborative spirit. Rocky, prominently featured with the Lux Balm, revisits his catchy lyrics from the Pharrell Williams-produced track, «RIOT.» The rapper had previously teased the collaboration in the song released last year, leaving fans eager for the unveiling of the anticipated Lux Balm.

In the promotional post for Fenty Skin’s Lux Balm, A$AP Rocky is seen endorsing the product designed to revive dry lips with instant hydration. The caption beneath the post offers insights into the rapper’s lyrics: «Flossy, glossy, Nah, bitch, this ain’t lip gloss / Lux Balm up in my palm / New collab’ with my baby mom.» The excerpt is taken from the video of Rocky’s 2023 single «RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n),» aptly named after the couple’s second son.

During the release of «RIOT,» Rocky hinted at potential future collaborations with Rihanna beyond the realm of beauty products. Speaking to Complex, he expressed his openness to collaborate on various projects, stating, «She’s a phenomenal creative. Yeah, there’s a lot of things we’re going to collaborate on, from products for children, there’s a lot of things to look forward to.»

Addressing the collaboration and their creative synergy, Rocky shared his perspective during the Puma x F1 launch last November, emphasizing their greatest collaboration: their children. «If me and my lady were to collaborate, what could we team up and just go crazy on?» he pondered. «I think we do a really great job at collaborating and making children. I think that’s our best creation so far.»

As fans eagerly await the release of the Lux Balm, it’s clear that the partnership between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna extends beyond the realms of music and beauty, hinting at a future filled with exciting collaborations and innovative creations.

words: @annaamaso