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California-based brands Vans and Advisory Board Crystals join forces to ignite the spirit of creativity with their highly anticipated collaborative collection, «Miracle Conditions» for Spring/Summer 2023. This groundbreaking partnership showcases the shared vision of both brands in celebrating nonconformity and divergent thinking, ultimately empowering the counterculture movement.

The genesis of this collaboration lies in the exploration of miracle conditions and the profound impact of pseudoscientific phenomena on human consciousness. Advisory Board Crystals, rooted in the realms of pseudoscience, art, and fact, draws inspira:on from the mystical aspects of crystals, which have long served as guiding beacons of thought and meaning. A particularly cherished gem, the fire opal, with its mesmerizing appearance, evokes a sense of otherworldly wonder, transporting one’s mind to realms beyond conventional reality.

The first shoe collaboration between Vans and Advisory Board Crystals focuses on the EVDNT model, which offers a canvas for abstract interpretation. Drawing parallels to the enchanting allure of fire opals, the EVDNT undergoes a captivating transformation, immersing wearers in the ethereal energy of these remarkable gemstones. Symbolizing amplification and sparking personal creativity, the fire opal-inspired shoe embodies the essence of supporting the bodies and minds of the most imaginative individuals. Meticulously craQed with layering, transparency, and a fusion of materials, the shoe mirrors the opulent hues and captivating dynamics of its muse. ARention to detail is paramount, evident in the Abc. lace lock, meticulously designed in collaboration with Vans, which perfectly contours the foot’s arch. Suede variations, mesh tones, transparent holographics, opal paRerns, and reflective properties all contribute to the sculptural aesthetics of the shoe. MaRe silver components and custom Swarovski eyelets seamlessly blend with the intentional chaos of an «organic» creation. The shoe’s inner lining is lined with plush vegan leather, and the collaborative branding is diligently sewn into the footbed insoles to ensure lasting authenticity. Signature pull tabs and an authenticity hologram on the back heels further enhance the meticulous craQsmanship of this limited-edition Vans project.

In addition to the footwear, Vans and Advisory Board Crystals have collaborated on an exclusive apparel and accessory collection, craQed at the Abc. factory. Designed to complement the shoes seamlessly, the collection embodies the concept of «creative mining,» where each piece serves as a conduit to support the bodies and minds of «The World’s Most Creative Minds.» Inspired by earth tones and the multifaceted nature of fire opals, the apparel collection boasts Swarovski rivets, fire opal references, and graphics, harmonizing with a specially developed multilayered holographic patch. From sculpting to coding, delivering lectures to crystal excavation, these garments effortlessly adapt to diverse creative endeavors. Pushing boundaries, a unique twist on the rapper necklace features synthetic fire opals cast in maRe silver, creating a three-dimensional effect that mesmerizes in everyday wear.

The Vans x Advisory Board Crystals «Miracle Condi:ons» S/S 23 collection represents a true fusion of artistic expression, pseudoscience, and profound cultural impact. With meticulous aRention to detail, the collaborative project emerges as a testament to the power of crea:ve minds and the unyielding pursuit of innovation. This limited collection will be available exclusively at www.advisoryboardcrystals.com