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Acne Studios Unveils Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear Collection

Acne Studios debuts its latest Menswear Fall/Winter 2024 collection, drawing inspiration from a rebellious, sexy, and cool Denim culture. The modern cyber-motorcyclist takes center stage, with archetypal motifs of men’s fashion motorcycles subverted with kitschy tenderness. Neon clashes with classic biker and grunge details, blending with psychedelic prints inspired by rave and club culture. According to Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios’ creative director, «Denim inherently carries a rebellious aura. It’s provocative, it’s tough.»

Yves Tumor Feature

The collection features images of American musician Yves Tumor, known for constantly pushing the boundaries of music, art, culture, and contemporary aesthetics. According to Johansson, «Yves felt perfect for the collection, embodying the true spirit of a rebel: someone you want to be, who doesn’t care but makes impeccable decisions.»

Color Palette

The color palette revolves around black with neon highlights: pink, green, purple, and orange. Denim blue, pastel sweetness, and softness dominate, with various shades of pink taking center stage this season.

How to Wear

Contrasting proportions, low and high waists, snug and oversized fits. Sleeveless shirts and short sheepskin jackets juxtaposed with long boots and ultra-baggy denim. The look is layered, worn with individuality, and playful experimentation. Ski-sport elements are infused into the style, with straps hanging from the body for added length and functionality.


A play between hard and soft fabrics, as biker fabrics like leather and denim are reinvented and elevated, contrasting with fluffy synthetic fur and delicate chiffon. Denim takes on an oily, worn feel with desert yellow wash and paint marks, adorned with embroidery, sprayed graphics, and firefighter hooks cinching the waist.


An overload of prints, unexpectedly mixed and matched: cyber-psychedelic designs meet biker and punk codes with belts, tartan, angels, and camouflage. Trompe l’oeil prints of Acne Studios’ necklaces subvert the idea of jewelry, while delicate flower photographs by collaborator Carlijn Jacobs appear as prints on flowing T-shirts.


Traditional motorcycle graphics are subverted with kitschy tenderness: angel wings spray-painted with AI-generated cat prints. The Acne Studios logo transforms into chaotic scribbles and a cyber-futuristic logo, with ‘AS’ initials forming a heart shape. Mini bows are discreetly embroidered on a classic shirt for a playful touch.


Fluffy faux fur hats with cat ears, mittens, and scarves inspired by kawaii street style. Mohair’s fuzzy thread appears in a new square hat shape and in gloves and scarves, adding a fuzzy element.


Bulky footwear, knee-high sheepskin boots in toasted color with trompe l’oeil denim print on suede. Maxi mules inspired by motorcycle boots. Black Derbies with turned-up toes.


Micro versus maxi sizes collide in bags. Trompe l’oeil-style bags adorned with keychains and charms, while the Platt bag gets an update with studs, heart charms, and pink details. A new Musubi model with chain straps and the Multipocket reinvents itself in pink with a glossy laminated finish. A new Monogram bag and backpack in black nylon with metallic buckles and bows are also introduced.

words: @annaamaso