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Acne Studios Unveils its Fall/Winter 2024 Women’s Collection

In a captivating blend of industrial aesthetics and artistic innovation, Acne Studios proudly introduces its highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2024 Women’s Collection. Set against the backdrop of Villu Jaanisoo’s striking sculptures, crafted from recycled rubber tires, the collection explores the juxtaposition of toughness and human form, intertwining leather and denim in a unique narrative.

Renowned Estonian artist Villu Jaanisoo, known for his unconventional use of materials, shares his perspective, stating, «I consider myself a sculptor in the most traditional sense. What interests me about working with tires is the ‘internal resistance’ of this material; it requires significant physical and mental strength to shape them. The traces of previous lives left on recycled materials fascinate me, putting something familiar into a new context.»

Inspiration: A Swift and Futuristic Femininity

The collection draws inspiration from a swift and futuristic woman, redefining Acne Studios’ codes with a blend of denim and leather, infused with a mechanical and raw touch. Elevated femininity converges with a tough attitude, challenging the archetypes of women’s clothing. Faux fur and sheepskin, feminine handbags, a classic black dress, and leather embody a reinterpretation of femininity.

Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios, explains, «I’ve always been drawn to leather and denim. It’s the spirit of Acne Studios. This season, we’ve created a powerful woman in leather and denim, transcending genres and subcultures. Leather and denim act like armor; they always feel empowering, providing a sense of security.»

Color Palette: Sharp and Polished

The color palette is severe and polished, featuring black and dark brown as neutrals, with moto-inspired details in fiery orange, green, and blue prints.

Silhouette: Long and Elongated

Playing with proportions, the collection features oversized and wild sheepskin, exploring tailoring with sharp simplicity. ‘Lampshade’ dresses stretch boundaries, resembling the structure of haute couture dresses turned inside out. Ribbed Henley T-shirts, reminiscent of underwear, are exposed and elevated to outerwear.

Fabrics: Second Skin in Leather and Mechanized Denim

Napa leather hugs like a second skin, while couture-molded leather pieces accentuate the feminine form. The denim undergoes mechanical treatments, with oil-coated, metallic, and rust-inspired finishes, creating floor-grazing silhouettes. Icelandic sheepskin offers comfort with a wild, natural, and almost raw feel, staying true to Acne Studios’ essence.

Fingerprints: Motoculture Influences

The collection nods to biker culture with scarf-inspired prints, subverted into elaborate angels and Renaissance paintings in fiery orange, green, and blue.

Bags: Bowler Bags and Multipocket

The ‘Bowlina’ bowling bag takes center stage, reimagined with a metal plate and offered in oversized, medium, and micro Weekender formats. The ‘Multipocket’ tool bag returns with new denim-coated leather treatments, including a pearlescent oyster and brown lining.

Accessories: Chromed Jewelry and Mirrored Glasses

This season’s jewelry boasts a chromed and automotive finish. Black and rose gold mirrored sunglasses create a mechanical chromed world, as if polished to perfection.

Footwear: Mesh Boots and Heeled Shoes

Mesh boots and heeled shoes add height, completing an imposing silhouette for the ultimate look. Acne Studios’ Fall/Winter 2024 Women’s Collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection of fashion and art.

Words: @annaamaso