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Madrid, Spain – Under the name «Adrián Del Maestre,» in honor of his parents’ hometown, Bayarri has launched his first collection called «ARDE.» This stunning collection, which marks the culmination of his university career at the University of Design and Technology in Madrid (UDIT), draws inspiration from traditional Valencian clothing and breaks away from established aesthetic standards for the male figure. Bayarri’s proposal focuses on new masculinities and the incorporation of unconventional elements in men’s fashion, challenging pre-established social norms.

«ARDE» presents a wide range of designs that combine organic silhouettes, transparencies, texture mixing, and a color palette ranging from blacks and whites to shades of blue. These elements are intertwined with traditional pieces of fallera attire, such as hats, lace, shoes, and fans. From elegant vests to various pants, delicate shirts, and jackets of different shapes and sizes, the collection offers a renewed vision of masculine aesthetics.

The highlight of Bayarri’s proposal is his approach to reworking traditional garment constructions and craftsmanship, with a particular focus on Spanish folklore and the elevation of the regional Valencian costume. With this, the designer aims to break away from the sobriety and rigidity that have characterized men’s fashion thus far, offering a fresh and bold perspective that challenges established conventions.

Adrián Bayarri will graduate this month of June as a fashion designer, and his personal brand, «Adrián Del Maestre,» promises to become a reference in the fashion industry in Spain. His final project (TFG) has been a tribute to craftsmanship and manual work, drawing inspiration from his place of birth and the roots of the fallera tradition. Although he is a newcomer, Bayarri has made it clear that his talent and creative vision are here to stay and transform men’s fashion in Spain and beyond.

words: @annaamaso