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 Allianz Ego confidence in fashion prize February 2024: What is it about and who can win it?

Since its beginning, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has been supporting Spanish new talents with different prizes. This is the case with the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion, an award that is trying not only to give visibility and provide support to the creative vision of young Spanish designers, but especially to try to provide them with a base from which they can finish shaping their own fashion house projects.

This prize provides the possibility to show and market the items that young designers consider in a space like the Allianz EGO Showroom, where people that visits MBFW Madrid can enjoy of conceptual pieces. From the 15th until 18th February, you can visit in IFEMA their spaces and immerse yourself in the world that the different brands present.

This initiative was born five seasons ago, but is increasingly getting better and known, which has allowed the partner of MBFW Madrid, Allianz, to reach to better judges to analyze and discuss who can be the winner of the prize. It consists in a financial help of 6.000€, a six months counseling from UDIT for the development of the brand, and to open the next Allianz EGO Runway on September 2024. In charge of giving this prize are Ana Locking, an experienced and recognized Spanish fashion designer; Andrés Aberasturi, curator of the Allianz EGO Runway; Ana Rodríguez, director of MBFW Madrid; and Maruca García Paredes, director of the Fashion Department at UDIT.

As always, since the conception of the prize, 15 emerging fashion brands will compete to win the juicy prize, and this are all the candidates:

ALEJANDRE by Sandra Alejandre, which is a fashion brand focus on lingerie inspired and avant-gard womenswear pieces. They participated in previous seasons on the runway, but this time they are trying to update their finances and reach out to more people. Already, ALEJANDRE has dressed Samantha Hudson, Rosé from BLACKPINK, the dancers for Karol G and Aitana last tour among other celebrities.

ANYSTUDIO by Lorenzo Binard and Elisabet Vallecillo, which is a fashion brand that thrives through freedom, individuality and authenticity. Their capsule collections are limited and made in Barcelona, embracing every individual, regardless of size. They have a versatile mindset adaptable to artistic, cultural and social journeys.

BRAVE OF by Esther Cortés Castellano, which is a fashion brand that was born in Extremadura with handmade clothing. They have a very natural and cozy environment created to present pieces of excellence craftsmanship and incredible prices. They had presented a collection in Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, where they explore different techniques of knitwear.

CHERRY MASSIA by Irene Romero Massia, which is a fashion brand founded in Sevilla which allowed them to explore techniques from Andalucía. After presenting their fashion show in 080 Barcelona Fashion, last November, they are arriving to the capital of Spain to present the pieces in a more personal level at the Allianz EGO Showroom.

DIEF STUDIO by David Alba Montiel, which is a fashion brand that presents a dreamy world with lots of pastel color and cute creations. Their personality is shown around crazy prints and illustrations. After presenting their first runway collection last year in the CLEC Fashion Festival and, also, being in the Allianz EGO Showroom in September, they are repeating the plan of last season.

DYSTOPIA by Olga Ruiz, which is a fashion brand that has been producing ethical clothing since 2014. Black being their representative color, they are offering timeless pieces with comfortable cuts and soft-natural fabrics. All of it created in Bali through prints and crafts of the place.

EVADE HOUSE by Evangelina Julia, which is a fashion brand that is established in Madrid for well over 3 years. Their craftsmanship and their beliefs around sustainability has been the key factors of their success. For this season of Allianz EGO, the brand has been accepted for the two categories that are open to participate, so we are going to see a lot of content through out this weeks.   

KEPEREZAXIKO by Pablo Bosch Lozano, which is a fashion brand that was born around the idea of breaking boundaries in the Spanish fashion system. Their collections are always a satire of the actual social climate and with trendy designs, they are targeted to a young audience that is trying to live with artistic and personal freedom.

LEMACHET by Lucía Sánchez, which is a fashion brand that revitalizes and revolutionizes the masculine fashion market with every collection. Through a feminine lens, they are creating a menswear line where men have sensitivity and they play with their garment’s choices.

MAL STUDIO CUSTOM PROJECT by Michelle Lima, which is a fashion brand based in Bilbao, where political and social statements are everywhere in their designs. They rely on prints to give an extra-punch to each design they create. We can see in their previous collection a lot of creative pattern making and a focus on streetwear. They have already presented a collection in the Allianz EGO Showroom, back in 2019, so we are ready for their pieces from Plagiar(ismo).

MARÍA LUNARES, which is a fashion brand that sells designs, adapted to their clients need, thus creating personal connections. Between Madrid and Milano, the young designer is playing with volumes and color, mixing it with a characteristic Spanish aesthetic, without forgetting about the environment.

TANIA MARCIAL, which is a fashion brand focuses on upcycling, denim and tailoring. All garments are made by the young designer, given that she came to the conclusion that the overproduction in the fashion industry is meaningless. Her designs shine with a streetwear vibe present in all she does.

THE ARTELIER by Alba Ayza, which is a fashion brand focused on sustainability based in Barcelona. They are always in the search of expressing emotions through creative prints and then add them to the functional pieces. The goal is to produce in km 0 to help the environment. They had already shown their pieces in the Allianz EGO Showroom, so we are excited to see their new collection.

VISORI STUDIO by Javier Soria, which is a fashion brand focused on upcycling and the creation of unique pieces that have the personality of the designer all through them. They with each collection present an eclectic and surprising world, where freedom is more than assured. After winning the CLEC Fashion Super Star last year; they showed in September a collection in Allianz EGO Runway called OMUH and they are presenting another one this season.

FRAMES (BETA) by Kike Vida, which is a fashion brand that juxtaposes utopian and dystopian concepts into timeless menswear. The brand was born after the acclaimed graduate collection of the young designer, where he explores utilitarian aspects with refined details. This is the first time where the brand is presented to an audience and we are excited to meet it.

Words: @alraco43