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An excessive EGO by Allianz was presented at MBFW Madrid FW24

Last week, we had the opportunity to assist at some runways in MBFW Madrid. After a lot of thinking and seeing which collections are the best, here are our selection of shows for FW24, made by promising young designers that are the future of Spanish fashion:

The day started with the Dimoni show that presented such an astonishing work center around gym culture mixed with streetwear attire. The affinity for drapery was shown by incredible pieces of cotton, denim and technic textiles. The finishing touches were quite impressive and the diversity of silhouettes was a big selling point. A first collection that captures the attention of everyone who assisted the show.

In the case of Juan VG, he created a spectacle around youth and upcycling. GAMBERRXS resulted in a very commercial collection from a sustainable way of making, it was an array of outfits that express the creative world that through second hand clothing or textile the designer is trying to present. He did not disappoint with the prints of his artwork and, also, his cast was one of the best of the day, due to the incorporation of Eduard Torres and Volinetts twins as incredible models. It was refreshing and with stars all over it with an epic video that took you into the world of the young designer and his native city.

Oriol Clavell was the Central Saint Martins representation of the season, being enrolled in the MA, he has managed to put out a collection that will serve as a national presentation of his homonymous brand. He juxtaposed his great concept that talks about the history and queer club culture, mixed with an artisan and technological methodology. The pattern making skills shown at the show where the greatest selling point of the collection, but the 3D pieces for us were the most impressive ones. Also, his treatment of leather is exquisite and we are ready to see what he is up to in the next season or even his graduation show.

With each presentation Evade House is breaking molds in the Spanish fashion industry. No one before her has been doing this theatrics and artisanal treatments in this level of fashion in our country. For us it is breathtaking to see how wide her world is and how creativity can be expressed through biotextiles. The styling and makeup are going to stay in my retina for a while, the decisive idea of using plastic in the counterpart of the edible fabric was everything. She invited us to think about the future and the present of the industry, how shows of this level of performance change the taste of the consumer and pace in which they buy stuff.

Later, we witnessed the unforgettable show of Visori Studio that made an homage to the work and heritage of Vivienne Westwood. In particular, he focused the collection to the reinterpretation of punk. His impactful design and his powerful visual codes make the union between incredible color palettes and rich second hand textiles. A sustainable vision matched with a strong aesthetic. 

Peter Sposito Studio was crowned as the winner of this edition, with a collection that revolves around the way we evolve as human beings. With a collection focused on well-made pieces with a spicy touch in every detail, The RTW couture is the vindication of the expression of the self through clothing. Impressive visuals were shown at the start of the show, translating it to the masterpiece that we were about to assist. A jump to the catwalk that we were ready to see, due to his savoir-faire of 3D pattern making. The music was also a plus and had a great reception from the audience, good vibes only with a bitch resting face on.

Words: @alraco43