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ARNODEFRANCE 2024: A loud take on remembrance

The luxury streetwear brand founded in 2016 by the French creative director, Arno de France, has been presenting one annual collection since then. It is really interesting to see all the references that he uses to create compelling wardrobe garments that adapt to the nowadays necessities. His take is rather visceral, where the exploration of the subject of the collection is exposed in every single way, always trying to make some kind of statement.

These kinds of collections remind me that contemporary ready-to-wear is not only about hoodies or tracksuits, but an array of feelings and details are spread all over the pieces. DUST, DIRTS AND MUD is a representation of the connection between the rawness of underground movements with the solemnity of funeral rites. 30 looks that are presented in a rough and industrial environment, uncomfortable to look at, as if you shouldn’t be looking at it.

A conversation between colors, where the introspective black speaks to the hurtful red, was presented in desirable and tough skin. Arno de France wanted to recreate the ceremonial part of Berghain, trying to bring to Paris the mentality that a city like Berlin imposed into their youth and rave addicts. The proportions in some garments are decompensated, creating a silhouette that is out of the ordinary and can intrigue a public that wants to achieve the Vetements trend without being goofy.

ARNODEFRANCE is presenting a collection where known clothing items are transformed into unconventional attire, provoking contemplation on life’s fragility. The creative is connecting the silence of graveyards with a gritty rave party vibe. It is tangible that each garment bears the raw scars of defiance and pain. A self-reflection on the extremes of human life, where we spend time together through thick and thin, an intricate relationship between life and death.

Words: @alraco43