KWK x Beyonce

Kay Kwok, KWK by KAY KWOK’s design director, marked the first Hong Kong designer ever to collaborate with Mega star Beyoncé. The KWK by KAY KWOK’s 3D printing custom made art piece for《Renaissance》Tour book is from the Chapter 2 collection that KWK by KAY KWOK showed in London Fashion Week.

Kay Kwok finished his Master’s degree in Menswear Fashion from the London College of Fashion. His futuristic aesthetic and experimental spirit led to the launch of his eponymous label Kay Kwok in 2013. Kay was the first Hong Kong menswear designer to showcase at London Fashion Week, and his debut collection sponsored by GQ China, earned accolades from famed New York Times fashion editor Suzy Menkes.

KWK by KAY KWOK invites wearers and witnesses to explore and reexamine the rigid structures we place on ourselves. Genderless, digital, experimental and confronting in their artistry and aesthetic, KWK collections challenge convention in all dimensions. Circumventing tradition and abolishing stereotypes, the brand is boldly, unapologetically, digitally avant-garde and futuristic. In the world of KWK, this is where subcultures come to play and a new-age human confidently emerges.

words: @annaamaso