«Non.magazine is a Spanish-based fashion magazine with the vision of becoming an international reference platform for fashion and culture. In our magazine, we are passionate about exploring the multiple layers of fashion and understanding it as an artistic and cultural expression that goes beyond trends and stereotypes. Our content is a mix of fashion, photography, art, and culture that reflects the creativity and talent of the moment



AWA editorial features a dynamic blend of contemporary avant garde fashion elements referring to the way of the water, celebrating individuality and how we can constantly evolve and transform while staying in our own element.

It’s a creative vision towards love and acceptance, excluding judgment and celebrating our differences.

So come with us and get wet!


Project Management and Creation: Jorge Postigo y María Cuadrado @grikem, @mariacuadrado___ 

Stylists: María Cuadrado y Jorge Postigo @estilistaspocolistxs

Photo: Paulo Herrera @pauloherrera.foto

Video and photo assistant: Óscar Jaramillo @otto.tiff

Art direction: María Cuadrado y Jorge Postigo

Location Manager: María Cuadrado y Jorge Postigo

MUA: Danae Vargas y María Cañizares @dn.vrgs, @karyax

 Models: Santi Amén & Mario Cadger @santi.amen, @mariocadger

Production: Paulo Herrera @pauloherrera.foto

Marcas: Carlota Barrera, Canadian Classics, Tommy Hilfiger, Pla Shoes, Mango, Channel, Joys.Accesories, Dominnico @carlotabarrera @canadianclassics_official @tommyhilfiger @mango @channel @joys.accesories @dominnico

Showroom: Finally Press @finallypress