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Awakenings Festival: Revolutionizes the Techno Scene

The Awakenings festival has once again demonstrated why it is a benchmark in the global techno scene with the introduction of a totally new and revolutionary concept in its events. With sold-out tickets on both days, the event was a resounding success.

This new concept stands out notably from previous Awakenings events, distinguished by its progressive focus on techno and its intimate atmosphere. The traditional spring festival has been completely eliminated to make way for this new experience that prioritizes emerging underground talent over the big names of the summer.

The main differences of this event include a different musical direction, emphasizing the progressive side of techno and creating ample space for underground talent, moving away from a headliner-focused approach. An intimate atmosphere with a limited capacity per day, where each stage of the festival feels close and personal. The connection on the dance floor is key, with artists not elevated on large stages but just centimeters from the audience, fostering a genuine and direct connection. There is no backstage on the stages, allowing visitors to be close to the artists and merge with the energy of the dance floor. Additionally, the stage names reflect key years in Awakenings history, such as the year Awakenings was founded, the first edition of the Awakenings Festival, the first edition of the Awakenings Summer Festival, and the first edition of Upclose.

The knowledge and passion of the audience for techno were evident. A particularly emotional moment was experienced when Kangding Ray ended his set with a track by Silent Servant. The two remaining members of Sandwell District were in the booth ready to take over, moving the audience to tears, especially the fans in the front rows, in honor of the third deceased member of the collective, Silent Servant, who died earlier this year due to contaminated drugs.

The reactions from the audience and the techno community have been extremely positive, highlighting the authenticity and emotional impact of the event. The success of this edition has generated great expectations for next year. The dates for the next edition of After Hours, which will take place on May 17 and 18, 2025, have already been announced.

Awakenings continues to redefine the techno experience, creating unforgettable moments and setting new standards in the underground music scene.

Words: @annaamaso