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Balenciaga 2024 collection Runway

In an unexpected twist, Balenciaga, the iconic fashion house, touched down in the bustling scene of Los Angeles to unveil its Fall 2024 collection. This marked the brand’s first runway show in the Californian city, leaving everyone wondering why it hadn’t happened sooner, given Balenciaga’s VIP clientele in LA, including the prominent Kardashians.

The presentation, held on a residential street lined with palm trees overlooking the famous Hollywood sign, was anything but conventional. From energy bar-shaped invitations with Balenciaga’s «nutrition» facts to a collaboration with Erewhon for refreshing juices, the brand made a distinctive mark right from the start.

The presence of celebrities at the runway show wasn’t surprising, considering Balenciaga’s strong ties with renowned stars. Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner took advantage of the occasion for photos against the impressive backdrop of palm trees. Additionally, Nicole Kidman was announced as the new ambassador for Balenciaga, emphasizing the significance of the event.

The Fall 2024 collection stood out for its innovative approach to fashion, blending ideas ranging from sports activities like jogging and yoga to glamorous Hollywood nights. The sportswear included a variety of pieces, from shorts and leggings to sweatshirts and bra tops, while the more elegant evening ensembles featured dresses inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga.

The presentation, accompanied by the distinctive music of BFRND and a soundtrack that captured Demna’s interpretation of Los Angeles’ fashion codes, took attendees on a cinematic journey through the brand’s lens.

Accessories played a crucial role in the collection, showcasing the new croc-embossed Rodeo bag, along with essential carriers like the knitted 24/7 tote and the Monaco tote. The 10XL Sneaker, with its exaggerated proportions, positions itself as the bold new addition to Balenciaga’s footwear line.

In collaboration with Erewhon, the brand also introduced leather and paper tote bags, jerseys, caps, and aprons, while the new Le Cagole Tote XL and No Logo jersey pieces added an extra touch of exclusivity to the collection.

In summary, Balenciaga not only made a spectacular debut in Los Angeles with its runway show but also set trends with its bold and avant-garde vision for the Fall 2024 fashion. The collection is already available for those looking to incorporate the latest Balenciaga fashion into their wardrobes.