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Bottega Veneta Pre-fall 24: A warholian take on heritage 

The show that Matthieu Blazy presented back in the Milan Fashion Week calendar for FW24 was a hit and was among the most talked about of the season. His way of conveying day-to-day clothing with a fresh point of view on Italian craftsmanship really hypes the Bottega Veneta name up. Looks that scream refined taste and overall a sense of comfort and empowerment, independently of the consumer’s gender.

For this Pre-Fall 2024, a lookbook was released where we could find 73 looks where the creative director imagined what ready-to-wear would be selling the company back in the day, in the late ’60s and ’70s, where they only made leather bags. Due to it, bags have a big importance in this selection of products and we can see that the design team really pushes a lot of products that have been underrated by the public, to expand the knowledge of handbags made by the brand in the consumer’s mind. Also, there is a neutral color scheme going through that contrasts with the accent of color on some of the accessories and statement garments.

A wide range of people isa going to fall in love with the collection’s wearability. It presents every piece that your wardrobe might lack, well-constructed and complex outerwear basics with the Bottega Veneta quality. The design team was playing with the idea of a modern time traveler, a person that can demonstrate strength over turbulent times like the ones we are currently living in. Blazy expressed his need of making a monument of the everyday, trying to change people’s perception on what they wear and why they wear it. 

The late ’60s and ’70s witnessed the birth of the women’s liberation movement and the democratization of fashion, with this collection Bottega Veneta showing a more purposeful and utilitarian spectrum of clothing pieces. To make the life of the wearer easier and softer. Photo research was really important for Blazy during the development process and it is shown on the references to Andy Warhol’s Interview, in the way garments are layered and mixed-matched. Pushing a BV style that is not attached to the intrecciato technique and trying to create a toned down vibe, that is impossible with his detail oriented mind, where everything he touched is a statement by itself. 

Words: @alraco43