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Bottega Veneta Unveils Whimsical Summer 2024 Campaign: A Playground of Fashion Exploration

In a spectacular fusion of elegance and playfulness, Bottega Veneta sets the stage for Summer 2024 with a campaign that embraces the spirit of discovery and adventure. Renowned Magnum photographer Alec Soth captures the essence of this vibrant collection against the backdrop of Tokyo’s urban landscape.

A diverse array of commuter tailoring, knitted swimwear, fringed coats, and pom-pom dresses takes center stage in this visually striking campaign, celebrating the sheer joy of dressing up. Soth’s playful shots showcase models scaling sculptures in fringed dresses, creating a mesmerizing contrast of black and pink against the off-white sculptures, exemplifying Bottega Veneta’s innovative approach to fashion.

The campaign unfolds with models exploring the cavernous opening of an installation, adorned in a soft brown tunic-like overcoat. Beneath this elegant outer layer, vibrant orange shirts and black leather subtly peek through, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures.

Matthieu Blazy, the creative mind behind the collection, describes it as an «Odyssey» that embodies freedom and hope. He draws inspiration from the spirit of playground adventure, where experimentation and discovery reign supreme. Leather ties remain a prominent feature, seamlessly integrated into looks featuring cream shirts beneath tweed jackets, paired with Fireman Lace-up Boots for a touch of bold contrast against weathered concrete.

As the campaign progresses, models find themselves enclosed within a whimsical mushroom setting, showcasing brown leather sandals and metallic pinstripe suiting, accompanied by the stylish Black Tosca shoulder bag.

Bottega Veneta’s luxury product offering, particularly its exquisite leather goods, takes center stage throughout the campaign. Alec Soth’s creative documentary-style photography effortlessly complements Blazy’s visionary designs, creating a captivating synergy that brings the brand’s philosophy to life.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Alec Soth shares, «When I encounter Matthieu’s work, I am in two worlds simultaneously. One is profoundly physical – a world of craftsmanship that engages all the senses – and the other is the stuff of dreams. My guiding approach to the campaign was playfulness. The playgrounds felt like a metaphor for Matthieu’s whimsical imagination. I wanted to bring the same spirit of colorful serendipity to my pictures.» Bottega Veneta’s Summer 2024 campaign is not just a showcase of fashion; it’s a celebration of creativity and the joy of exploration.

Words: @annaamaso