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Burberry Unveils Summer 2024 Campaign Shot in Jamaica

Daniel Lee, creative director of the fashion house, has ventured to Jamaica to launch Burberry’s Summer 2024 campaign, capturing the essence of outdoor summer living that characterizes the country. Renowned photographer Tyrone Lebon was tasked with creating the fashion film and shooting a series of portraits featuring the following talents: Abi’Gail Lloyd, Chey Carty, Damany Gayle, Drucillah Campbell, Finley Prentice, India Rawsthorn, Jaden, Kai Newman, Karen Elson, Malachi Sule, Mayowa Nicholas, Oisin Murphy, Peng Chang, Sang Woo Kim, Selah Mchail, Sheldon Shepherd, Sister Nancy, and Taylor Gordon Bruce.

The Summer 2024 campaign showcases the evolution of Burberry’s icons. Built upon the brand’s symbols, prints, and logos are prevalent in all garments and accessories, featuring the Equestrian Knight, shield, and the letter ‘b.’ Prints of English garden flowers and summer fruits adorn the collection. Trench coats are reinvented for summer: lightweight for easy elegance, cinched at the waist or oversized. Additionally, new handbags such as the Horn and Swan are introduced alongside returning favorites from last season like the Snip, Knight, and Shield.

Words: @annaamaso