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Camper: The Walking Society #16 – A Journey to Menorca

If there’s one thing Camper has shown us, it’s that it embodies the Mediterranean essence. In this latest endeavor, Camper explores Menorca in the new edition of The Walking Society Magazine for its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This project, initiated by Camper in 2001 and revisited in 2020 under the motto «Walk, Don’t Run,» captures the unique essence of this Balearic island where time seems to stand still. The philosophy of slowing down intertwines with respect for local craftsmanship and cultural diversity, fostering a virtual community that embraces both individual and collective creativity.

In this sixteenth edition, the Mallorca-based brand transports us to the neighboring island of Menorca, delving into its Mediterranean shores and immersing us in its rich historical heritage. From architecture to megalithic monuments, from exquisite gastronomy to local craftsmanship, each page of the magazine takes us on a journey through this island where life moves at its own pace. Menorca, with its tranquil and cultural atmosphere, becomes a perfect place to discover creative minds and deep-rooted traditions. This issue invites us to explore festivities such as the ‘festes,’ renowned for their majestic black horses and traditional pomada (Xoriguer gin and lemonade).

On this occasion, the Camper family, along with renowned actors and actresses such as Albert Baró, Clara Sans, Martina Cariddi, and Iván Pellicer, singer Natalia Lacunza, and content creator Eduard Torres, among others, explored the island to discover sustainable initiatives. From horseback rides to ceramics workshops to an intimate concert with a cellist, this edition celebrates stillness, imagination, and the Mediterranean essence.

Words: @annaamaso