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Chanel Unveils Spectacular Cruise 2025 Collection in the Heart of Marseille

In the unparalleled setting of Marseille’s heart, nestled amidst the beauty of the Mediterranean, Virginie Viard has chosen to unveil her latest masterpiece: Chanel Cruise 2025. In a gesture that merges tradition with innovation, the designer invites us to embark on an exceptional journey of style in this iconic port city.

Set atop the stunning ‘Cité Radieuse,’ designed in 1952 by the father of modern architecture, Le Corbusier, the presentation of Chanel’s Cruise 2025 Collection found the perfect stage. This iconic building in Marseille, combining housing, educational spaces, and communal areas into a single complex, provided the ideal backdrop for a showcase that paid homage to the fusion of functionality and Chanel’s artistic flair.

The Chanel Cruise 2025 collection, conceived by Virginie Viard, immerses viewers in an underwater voyage, where the sun’s reflections come to life through embroideries, sequined jackets, classic tweed, crochet, and swimwear. Each piece becomes a masterpiece that blends elegance with practicality, capturing Chanel’s intrinsic essence. This collection stands out for its ability to seamlessly combine the classic with the contemporary, transporting viewers to a fresh and elegant atmosphere where each garment reflects Chanel’s authenticity and leadership in the haute couture industry.

The unveiling of the fashion house’s Cruise 2024/25 collection, founded by Coco Chanel, took place on Thursday, May 2nd. The renowned house teased the audience with a 2-minute video directed by Ladj Ly, choreographed by (LA)HORDE, and featuring dancers from the National Ballet of Marseille and maison’s friend Marion Barbeau. A famous Le Corbusier building served as the chosen backdrop, particularly for part of the teaser’s filming announcing the show. Virginie Viard aims to bring Chanel back to its roots, and she is succeeding. The latest endeavor to materialize this vision is the Cruise 2024/25 collection. The maison’s creative director has embraced the brand’s classic values in the runway show, held on May 2nd in Marseille, where elegance, fabric reinvention, and colors paying homage to the Mare Nostrum marked the welcome to the summer fashion.

Words: @annaamaso