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Chanel Unveils the Métiers d’Art 2023/24 Collection: A Reinvention of the Classic Tweed Suit

Chanel has launched its highly anticipated Métiers d’Art 2023/24 collection, a celebration of the craftsmanship and innovation that characterize the iconic French fashion house. The collection, which reimagines the emblematic Chanel tweed suit, is an ode to the brand’s timeless elegance and boundless creativity.

This year’s Métiers d’Art collection merges tradition and modernity, highlighting Chanel’s commitment to artisanal excellence. Each piece showcases the expertise of the associated workshops, known as «métiers d’art,» which work closely with the house to create unique and exquisite creations. These workshops, specializing in embroidery, feathers, jewelry, and more, contribute a wealth of details that elevate each design to a work of art.

The iconic Chanel tweed suit, a garment that has defined elegance since its introduction by Coco Chanel, has been reimagined for the 2023/24 season with a contemporary focus. The collection features innovative versions of the suit, with modern cuts, experimental fabrics, and a color palette ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant hues that capture the essence of the season. The reinterpretation of the tweed suit demonstrates Chanel’s ability to maintain the relevance of its most iconic pieces while adapting to current trends.

Collection Details

Tweed Suits

The tweed suits in this collection feature unique details such as intricate embroidery, feather applications, and decorative buttons that reflect the brand’s heritage and the artisans’ craftsmanship. The cuts are more structured and fitted, highlighting the feminine silhouette, while the fabrics include wool blends with metallic threads adding a touch of modernity.

Dresses and Sets

In addition to the tweed suit, the collection includes a variety of dresses and sets that play with volumes and textures. From long, flowing dresses with floral prints to two-piece sets with geometric details, each garment showcases the versatility and ingenuity of Chanel’s design team.


Chanel has expanded its accessory offerings with bags and jewelry that complement the collection. The bags stand out for their functional and aesthetic design, using materials such as leather and tweed, adorned with iconic chains and brooches. The jewelry features necklaces and bracelets with floral and geometric motifs, using precious stones and pearls.

New Sunglasses Collection

In addition to the clothing line, Chanel has introduced a new collection of sunglasses as part of Métiers d’Art 2024. These sunglasses combine functionality with the brand’s unmistakable style, offering designs that range from retro to futuristic. The models include sophisticated details such as gemstone inlays, elegant metal structures, and colored lenses, making them the perfect accessory to complement any outfit from the new collection.

The sunglasses stand out for their innovative design, with frames ranging from classic round shapes to bold cat-eye silhouettes. The colored lenses, ranging from dark tones to lighter, vibrant hues, offer UV protection and a sophisticated style. The temple details, such as engravings and logos, add a touch of luxury.

Launch Event

The Métiers d’Art 2023/24 collection was unveiled at an exclusive event in Paris, where attendees from around the world, including celebrities, influencers, and fashion critics, gathered to admire the new creations. The event, held in a historic venue in the city, was marked by an ambiance that evoked Chanel’s heritage and glamour.

Words: @casandrammaggio