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Chemena’s Debut at Chloé: A Return to Roots with a Modern Twist

Returning to Chloé feels incredibly natural; almost like coming home for a fresh start. These sentiments echoed strongly throughout the presentation of Chloé’s Fall-Winter 2024 collection, marking an exciting debut for Chemena, the brand’s new creative director. Her inaugural runway embodies a personal and emotional connection to the beloved fashion house, its spirit, and above all, the women she admires.

«Chloé is about a feeling,» she declared. With palpable passion, Chemena expressed her desire to recapture the sensation she experienced upon first stepping into this house 20 years ago, when she fell in love with the essence of the Chloé woman. That woman, real and authentic, represents to her the very core of the brand.

«For me, dressing is part of personal discovery,» explained Chemena. Her focus lies in how women evolve through different stages of life, and how they continue to define and embrace their identity. With this collection, she aims to return to the original roots of the house and build a sensual Chloé that radiates warmth and positivity.

Paying homage to the forward-thinking vision of Gaby Agnion, the house’s founder over 70 years ago, is a fundamental aspect of this collection. Agnion sought to liberate and empower women to be bold and feel free. In the runway show, one could feel the influence of this philosophy, seamlessly merged with Chemena’s fresh and modern perspective.

The return to the 1970s, an iconic era for the house, served as the primary inspiration. A time that embodied a natural, sensual, effortlessly powerful femininity, free from constraints. The fluidity, movement, and silhouette of Chloé reflect this freedom, with contrasting proportions capturing the very essence of the Chloé woman: contradictory yet authentic.

In this collection, Chemena seeks to capture an instinctive feminine energy, rooted in intuition and freedom. It’s a tribute to nostalgia but also a gaze towards the future, anticipating how women wish to feel in the present. In Chemena’s words, «Chloé allows you to be yourself; it doesn’t transform you. Follow your intuition.»

The runway was a testament to the talent and vision of this new creative director, who skillfully channeled the essence of Chloé with a modern twist. And in a heartwarming moment during the final walk, we were treated to a tender scene as Chemena’s son ran to embrace her as she made her final bow, adding a personal touch to the emotional debut. Ultimately, it marks an exciting new chapter for this iconic fashion house, one that promises to continue inspiring and empowering women today and tomorrow.

Words: @casandram.ugc