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Cold Culture Ventures into Jewelry Design with Debut Collection «Cold Jewelry»

Andrés Varela and Martina Merry-del Val, the directors behind Cold Culture, have expanded their fashion empire into the realm of jewelry. The urban fashion label, which boasted a turnover of nearly seven million euros last year, continues to innovate beyond its iconic hoodies. Introducing «Cold Jewelry,» the brand’s inaugural drop of Spanish-designed jewelry with vintage flair.

Jewelry from urban fashion brands is making waves, with notable examples like Twojeys and Nude Project. Now, joining their ranks is Cold Culture, a brand whose viral hoodies have made a significant impact since their inception. Building on their string of successes, Varela and Merry-del Val have ventured into the world of jewelry, unveiling a debut collection comprising 32 handcrafted pieces with vintage-inspired details.

This collection pays homage to Cold Culture’s past collections, transforming beloved pants and shirts into hand and neck accessories. Crafted with premium materials and infused with Cold Culture’s distinctive DNA, these new pieces redefine jewelry as essential components of one’s outfit. Already embraced by celebrities like Dellafuente and Recycled J, Cold Culture’s jewelry embodies the brand’s ethos of blending high style with streetwear sensibilities.

Designed for both men and women, these pieces go beyond mere accessories, becoming integral elements that elevate any ensemble. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s signature wide-legged pants, two-piece sets, and warm-toned basics, the jewelry collection seamlessly complements Cold Culture’s aesthetic. While silver dominates the debut drop, future capsules promise to introduce vibrant hues.

Highlighting pieces like the «Marine Chain» necklace, evoking maritime motifs, and the striking «Teeth Ring,» resembling a set of teeth, Cold Culture’s debut jewelry collection reflects the brand’s dynamic Spanish heritage. Comprising rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, and more, «Cold Jewelry» offers a diverse array of statement pieces. From «bone» necklaces adding a rocker edge to dice bracelets and nautical-inspired chains, the collection caters to a wide range of tastes.

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