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Copenhagen’s Style Revolution: From Street Innovation to Global Dominance

Copenhagen has indisputably become a magnet for the global fashion elite, a status attributed to its distinctive blend of inclusivity and sustainability. This Danish capital has not only secured its place on the international fashion stage but has also managed to captivate editors and influential fashion figures worldwide. The city’s transformative impact on the fashion landscape is a subject of consensus among those who have borne witness to its phenomenal rise.

Copenhagen’s ascent to creative fashion supremacy is exemplified by its awe-inspiring street style, which has set a new standard for innovation. Viral runway fashion shows and the emergence of genderless talents have become hallmarks of the city’s fashion narrative. This convergence of creativity and inclusivity has cultivated an environment where unique and boundary-pushing designs flourish.

Rolf Ekroth

At CPHFW24, Rolf Ekroth’s Finnish fashion brand has become a talking point within the global fashion community. The collection’s groundbreaking approach to utilitarianism as a form of self-expression has drawn inspiration from the past, specifically Ekroth’s grandmother’s wardrobe in the 80s. The result is a collection that not only pays homage to nostalgia but also encapsulates the now-viral Danish concept of «hygge,» radiating comfort through rich textiles, vibrant colors, intricate layering, and captivating patterns.


Scandinavian brand Ganni, a favorite among the fashion-savvy, has recently partnered with AI artist Cecile Waagner to create a spectacle at their latest fashion show. The collection anticipates upcoming spring-summer trends, showcasing innovative layering of textures and a shift towards more natural white tones in contrast to inorganic bleached whites. This strategic collaboration demonstrates Ganni’s commitment to staying at the forefront of both technology and fashion trends.


As a 2023 Zalando sustainability award finalist, TG BOTANICAL continues to make waves with its recent presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its highly wearable collection that seamlessly combines knits with cotton and natural materials. The use of earthy tones, such as yellow, brown, and green, not only aligns with fashion trends but also solidifies TG BOTANICAL’s reputation as a sustainable fashion force.


ROTATE, known for its subversive and romantic interpretation of glamour, has painted a vivid picture of a sophisticated city girl through its recent collection. Satined dresses, laces, and transparencies create a mature and glamorous wardrobe, emphasizing the natural beauty of the feminine silhouette. The brand’s celebration of individuality through garment styling resonates with those seeking a distinctive and empowering fashion statement.


Designer Viktor Anisimov’s exploration of the unlimited possibilities of the uniform in the Autumn-Winter 2024 collection is garnering attention. Drawing inspiration from Japanese costume elements, Anisimov constructs an image of the universal warrior, with careful military references highlighting the evolution of menswear from utilitarianism to an urban uniform. The monochrome multilayered ensembles in the collection, emphasizing versatility and complementarity, offer a modern take on winter fashion. Anisimov’s color scheme, including graphite grey, khaki, black, and camo print, underscores the collection’s theme of urban camouflage, with bright red serving as a striking signaling color—a reminder of the outer world’s potential menace. The collection serves as a dialogue between internal and external worlds, offering a refuge in the modern, often turbulent world according to Anisimov’s strong belief in the transformative power of clothing.

SILENCE by Han Kjøbenhavn

SILENCE is our upbringing. It’s grafting 12 hours a day in the local sports club – Passionate about everything inside the institution and the community that surrounds it. It’s the on-field and off-field respect and the emotions that connect these energies. SILENCE is for movement and function. It is executed in materials that embrace exactly this: A core a build from organic jersey and progressive nylon and technical garments, developed for movement.

Words: @edugilhurta