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Demna is taking luxury as a platform to express his current thoughts with Balenciaga FW24

The evolution of Demna across the years has been quite a ride. After conquering the streetwear world with his take on shoes and tracksuits, he is now going on a different route, and like the work of Hodakova, the Georgian designer is trying to get upcycling or, at least, an idea to extract from it to the whole world.

The ready-to-wear collection is composed of 68 different looks that represent every customer that the brand has at the moment. From moments where comfortable clothing and day-to-day garments shine (some of them being added to the garde-robe line) to vacuum-like dresses that explore new ideas on evening wear. The process of questioning luxury in itself is what Demna is trying to express, a link between the past and the future, resulting in a present where the legacy of Cristóbal is still alive somehow.

His take on fashion at the moment is to find a way to further experiment with the taste of the audience and to expand on the idea of comparing rare with creativity. The invitation, in this case, was an eBay box with random antiques that made the people reflect on the true value of things (and also that meant that we were going to have the logo all over the most merchandise items of the collection).

Ranging from suspended garment dresses to 1 minute designs, the creative director is putting an effort on trying to find a new concept of fashion, where people can make it at home too, where repurposing your wardrobe staples is allowed. Rethinking the concept of beauty and assuring that body and garments have a considerate interaction. Lace stocking prints, maxi faux-fur coats with resin and pull down beanies were our favorite pieces of the show. They really show the intellectual craft that goes into the work of Demna. 

The show was staged at Les Invalides, where a sea of LED screens recreated a timeline of an electronic device. As it progresses, a juxtaposition of edited and curated content appears to give an element of awe. BFRND was in charge of the sound that was a hypnotic melody mixed with voices that turned into synths.

This collection marks the 10th anniversary of the Georgian designer in the industry, and it reminds us to stay open to his thoughts and creations, because his impact on the industry has been indescribable. Streetwear is in good hands for now, and couture, too.

Words: @alraco43