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Desigual x Hed Mayner

Desigual Revolutionizes Fashion with Hed Mayner’s Cutting-Edge Collection: Limited Edition, Genderless, and Exclusive Materials

In a bold stride towards innovation in the fashion world, Desigual unveils its latest creation: a limited edition collection designed by the talented Hed Mayner. This capsule, seamlessly blending Mayner’s unique vision with Desigual’s distinctive identity, not only redefines fashion but also sets a milestone in the industry for its inclusive and genderless approach.

The collection will be available both online and in selected stores, with an exclusive launch on November 13 at the Tokyo Ginza boutique in Japan and the following day, on November 14, in various flagship stores across Europe, including Paris, Berlin, Florence, Madrid, and Barcelona.

What makes this capsule truly exceptional is its combination of high-quality materials and daring patterns. Each garment, produced in limited units, reflects the dedication to craftsmanship and the creative audacity of Hed Mayner and Desigual. The designs, characterized by voluminous silhouettes, challenge traditional gender norms, embracing an inclusive and genderless perspective.

Beyond its striking aesthetics, each piece embodies an ambitious creative process. The collaboration between Hed Mayner and Desigual aims to reinvent the essential elements of a wardrobe, fusing the best tailoring traditions with a contemporary outlook.

While the garments may appear minimalist at first glance, they reveal an intricate and unique structure. The limited edition, featuring creative names for each piece, includes items such as the «extra-bold overall kimono» and the «not-mismatched jacket and pants,» highlighting the uniqueness of each article.

Among the evocative names are the «24/7-365 tote-bag,» known for its versatility; the «2-in-1 double-sided officer crossed-shirt,» crafted with two shirts and adaptable in multiple ways; and the «shape-shifting jumper,» a versatile sweater that can be worn loosely or cinched at the waist.

Even the basics receive names that unveil the complexity and concept behind them, such as the «definitive canvas pants» or the «so-not-obvious ruby t-shirt.» The collection also presents a reinterpretation of the classic total denim look, rebranded as the «new Canadian tuxedo jacket and pants.»

In addition to garments, the collection includes a pair of elegant eco-leather shoes, available on demand and named «so-called elegantly eco leather shoes.» In summary, this collaboration not only offers fashion but also a unique experience that challenges the boundaries of creativity and personal expression.