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Diaspora: An Aesthetic Journey Through Time and Space

Álvaro Ramos Corvillo’s graduation collection, titled Diaspora, stands as a conceptual reflection of the various places that have marked his existence and shaped his reality, intertwined with a nostalgic evocation of past times. Each piece is a map of his personal journey, a testament to his ability to transform lived experiences into visual and auditory narratives that resonate with the audience. In this work, Ramos amalgamates Extremaduran popular folklore, the silhouettes of American football, the enigmatic Korean night, and the rich multicultural tradition of Buenos Aires. The starting point of this collection is multiculturalism and its impact on Generation Z, exploring how we can integrate customs we’ve never experienced firsthand, but have encountered through social media, into our daily lives.

The creative process of Diaspora began with an introspective review of the designer’s personal photographic archive. A nostalgia for past times sparked in him the need to construct the collection from an intimate and evocative narrative. Each look presented in this series offers a range of distinctive pieces that can stand alone, along with basics bearing the unmistakable designer’s touch, whether through unique prints or singular patterning.

The garments in the collection are crafted from fabrics collected in various markets in the cities visited by the designer throughout his career. The structures of the pieces are imbued with deep emotional significance, using personal objects such as the sofa that occupied his residence in Valladolid for six years or the pool noodles his sister used in swimming classes.

The collection is enriched by two notable collaborations. The first is with jeweler Ana Quesada, with whom the designer has created ornamental pieces for the head, ankle, and a kind of “farthingale.” These jewels, under the theme of deconstructing and distorting nature, reinterpret floral forms with a contemporary and surreal vision. The second collaboration is with Horny Nails Art Studio, who have sculpted press-on nails in perfect harmony with the theme of the jewels, thus completing the picture of this fascinating collection.

Diaspora is not just a showcase of talent and creativity but an introspective and multicultural journey that invites the viewer to reflect on the influence of globalization on fashion and how personal experiences can be transformed into tangible art.

At just 16, Álvaro Ramos Corvillo crossed the Atlantic to live in the United States as part of an annual exchange program. Initially skeptical of the excessive consumerism that characterizes American society, the young man found in that foreign land a mosaic of cultural references that expanded his creative horizon.

That student chose Cesine University, a center that offered him the perfect combination: an Artistic Higher Education in Fashion Design and a Master’s in Luxury Management and Fashion Communication. During his years at Cesine, he seized every opportunity for international enrichment, living for six months in Buenos Aires and another six in Seoul. These stays were not merely academic; each city, with its vibrant culture and distinctive working methodologies, added new layers to his already diverse creative palette.

Currently, Álvaro Ramos Corvillo is in Paris, the cradle of haute couture, undertaking an internship in communication. This experience, in one of the undisputed fashion capitals, is the latest stop in his journey of learning and professional growth.

For him, each runway show is a symphony, where the soundtrack plays a crucial role, representing the auditory inspiration and cultural mix that each collection embodies. The performativity of his pieces, whether through their innovative structure or the boldness of their designs, invites an interaction that transcends mere clothing, turning each garment into an artistic statement.

Words: @casandrammaggio