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Dior and Stone Island: Join the chicest cult in fashion (and the hottest collab we  have seen in a while)

“Opposites attract,” they say. What they don’t say is that when you merge high couture  with utilitarian style, the results can be surprisingly effortless and subtle. This is the case of  Dior x Stone Island, a cutting-edge yet coherent collaboration.  

Utilitarian and freshness are some of the characteristics that have often been attributed to  the legendary Italian brand. With its 41 years in the game, Stone Island has been able to  redefine the outerwear landscape. In this capsule collection, its edgy appeal meets the  vision of Kim Jones, the masterful creative director of Dior Mens, creating symphonic  poetry that will capture the eye of the fashion savvy as much as a good novel would  captivate an avid reader.  

The mastery of this collection resides in the coherence of it. Why? Some may wonder, It  just makes sense!  

While Dior menswear is fresh and novel, Stone Island has a group of adepts that are loyal  to their products, which they have successfully been producing for decades. Equally, the  heritage of the French powerhouse will predictably make this collection a very successful  one.  

All of these characteristics are reflected in the collection itself, where the sci-function  textures and colors of Jones’s Dior collide with the utilitarianism and military style of Stone  Island to create a refined and couturesque reinterpretation of the staples in menswear  wardrobe.  

The Dior man is defined by the same values as the collection, contemporary functionality,  and a perfect balance between the new savior fair and traditional craftsmanship. A place  where luxury transcends the barriers of aestheticism to result in a useful and unmatched  technicality of the product. 

The collection perfectly ensembles the two brand logos, converting the carnage and  compass rose into the representation of the brand. The color palette presents several  options that vary from basic colors that are elevated through romantic shapes and  adornments and vivid colors enriched through the utilized textures. Bags and shoes get  crowned as the accessories of the collaboration, which for their uniqueness will become  some of the most coveted items of the collection. 

The global release date of the collection will be the 4th of July, and will exclusively be  offered in Dior boutiques. Although it will priorly be available in Milan, London and the US,  the 14th, 18th and 27th of June respectively. Whatever the date is, the cult-like following of  the Italian fashion brand, and the ability that Dior man has to generate hype, we can  already declare that the collaboration will keep the fashion adepts on their trendy feet. 

Words: @edugilhurta