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Dries Van Noten FW24: Where precious craftsmanship and pragmatic garments meet

Season after season, the name of Dries Van Noten does not go unnoticed due to the quality of his outstanding craftsmanship through an array of unforgettable prêt-à-porter pieces. For FW24, the designer relieves in the daring part of women: composing multiple layers or spontaneous but deliberated placement of details.

Across 67 looks, the designer gives freedom to women without showing a bunch of skin. The rich textiles used in his work act like an alternation between precious and pragmatic, that combined with the daring take on the past makes value on every piece.

While the collection is all over the place due to not having a strong concept behind it, the designer’s audacity could outcome the situation with a color palette that is going to be installed in our minds for a while. Many colors were used, but through the repetition of silhouettes the coordination was achieved. Repetition that was possible by the combination of unlikely things that somehow did not hurt the visual aspect of it all.

The Woman Who Dares to Cut Her Own Fringe is what the collection is called, and after what we can see in the long fringy bangs, that was the only compact idea of the whole show. He made the hairstyle the uniform of the models, accompanying the strangeness of the garments worn by them.

Some womenswear presentations can be called soft and dull, but the offbeat and irreverent mix of sounds in this one made it stand out among a vast majority of shows on the same day. Playing with highs and lows with the wearability of the garment, Dries Van Noten created a cushiony and fluffy world, where the woman he is trying to portray decides what she wants.

Words: @alraco43