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Timelessness, uniqueness and emergent talent: get to know Dsaav Studio

‘Working on fashion with my values is almost impossible’, assures Daniel Saavedra, creator of Dsaav Studio. Under the motto ‘a connection between us’, Dsaav Studio has put a new concept of streetwear on the table based on sustainability, responsible production, local talent and feeling of proximity.

Daniel is a young designer from La Palma, an island in the Canary Islands in Spain, and even though his dream is to study interior design, he studied styling due to his passion for fashion. That was the time when he started experimenting with ‘tie-dye’. ‘I started dyeing t-shirts, I opened an Instagram account and I started gaining followers, so I decided to start my own clothing brand, that is how Dsaav Studio was born’.

‘I started from scratch, I didn’t know anything about suppliers or seamstresses, I learned everything by trying and failing’, Daniel confesses. Nowadays, the brand continues to be based on this mechanism, experimenting with pieces from hoodies to balaclavas. Since Dsaav was born, Daniel was clear about not wanting to become into a producing machine, a goal that he still continues today.

Being against the communism that surrounds the fashion industry is not easy, and sometimes, it is impossible. ‘If you work for any big brand you are forced to drop new collections non-stop, and that is not my goal, I want to design if I feel like it’, Daniel says. In fact, Dsaav Studio’s pieces are exclusive designs; he only produces 15 or 20 copies of the same piece, without a restocking option, keeping the values of responsible and singular production.

Currently, Dsaav Studio has a physical selling point in Tenerife, although they do shipping to the peninsula as well. ‘I love my island, but there is a huge limitation if you want to grow your career there’ he explains, ‘sometimes the shipping taxes were so expensive that I paid for them just because my customers didn’t have to’, he confesses. Despite the difficulties, Daniel keeps being behind every aspect of the brand, creating exclusive pieces that stand out for their simplicity, timelessness and that run away from the current trends.

words: Laia Jorda @laiiajorda