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Duki Leaves an Indelible Mark at River Plate Stadium and Unveils a Future Smash: Santiago Bernabéu on June 8

«If you dream, fight for it. Filling a Bernabéu in Spain is because you chose me.» These were Duki’s words during his concert last week at River Plate Stadium. He managed to fill two stadiums, drawing over 80 thousand souls who jumped, sang, danced, and cheered for the greatness and absolute dedication of one of the most beloved artists of this new generation. 

Duki delivered an unforgettable performance, not only from an artistic and musical standpoint but also symbolically, once again demonstrating that we have a national music movement that transcends boundaries and knows no limits for its dreams. 

Duki continues to lead and pave the way for others, with humility and camaraderie from day one. He shows that he is fully aware that his steps are leaving a mark on history, in line with the responsibility that comes with having millions of followers around the world. Duki made history by becoming the youngest Argentine artist to reach River Plate Stadium at a time when his musical conquest is expanding globally. 

This achievement is complemented by the double sold-out in record time for the tickets, reaffirming him as the leader of a movement that has broken down borders. This new record comes just six months after his performance at the Bernabéu, a historic event for Argentine music that solidifies his international impact. Additionally, Duki excites by revealing that next year, on June 8, he will fill Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, further establishing his position as a global phenomenon. 

The Argentine artist recently concluded a successful sold-out tour in North America, with powerful shows in cities like New York, Chicago, and Miami. His tour in Spain during June and July included special dates in Asturias, Bilbao, and Madrid, among other destinations. Last year ended on a high note with four concerts at Vélez Stadium, an unprecedented musical achievement for an Argentine artist.

After years of exploring other genres in his recent albums, Duki embarks on a journey to rediscover his musical roots with a fresh and authentic proposal, accompanied by powerful and challenging lyrics. Regarding the concept behind «Antes de Ameri,» Duki explains that «AMERI it’s about the illusion of reaching that place we dream of. AMERI, for me, represents goals that everyone aspires to in life.» The artist’s quest is reflected in the journey that this album represents.

Duki continues to make his mark in the music scene, inspiring dreamers worldwide. His upcoming show at Santiago Bernabéu promises another milestone in his successful career. Beyond the record-breaking numbers, his impact is felt in the collective heartbeat of a global fanbase. The fusion of his artistic talent and massive support makes him a cultural phenomenon. As we eagerly await his next chapter, it is clear that the echoes of his melodies will continue to resonate, inspiring future generations.

words: @casandrammaggio