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Eastpak and AVAVAV Present Innovative Collaboration at Milan Fashion Week

Eastpak has launched its first collaboration with the independent fashion brand AVAVAV, debuting an innovative collection previously showcased at Milan Fashion Week. This unique collaboration merges the stylistic codes of both brands, drawing inspiration from AVAVAV’s luxurious streetwear, known for its creative freedom, humor, and entertaining approach, and Eastpak’s signature durable and functional attitude.

Eastpak’s iconic designs have been reimagined, resulting in avant-garde silhouettes that combine durability with fun and striking details. The collection begins with Eastpak’s emblematic Padded Pak’r backpack. AVAVAV’s creative director, Beate Karlsson, was impressed by its organic shape and, together with Eastpak, deconstructed and multiplied it to create four new designs defined by their unique shape and essential functionality.

Trendsetting Accessories for an Avant-Garde Look

The classic Eastpak backpack has been a faithful companion throughout various stages of our lives, with its rounded, organic silhouette winning over generations with its simplicity and practicality. However, for those aiming to complement a cutting-edge and high-fashion look, a standard and simple accessory might not suffice.

High-Fashion Bags: Eastpak X AVAVAV

The new Eastpak X AVAVAV capsule collection features four styles of bags, all inspired by or derived from the iconic Padded Pak’r. The most literal reinterpretation of this silhouette is the backpack that crowns the collection. Here, Karlsson combines two backpacks into one, creating a new spiked silhouette that oddly recalls the brand’s most iconic bag. Staying true to the classic style, it features a front pocket, top handle, and padded straps—now in a 2×1 version.

This collaboration between Eastpak and AVAVAV promises to revolutionize the world of accessories, offering options that are not only practical and durable but also stylistically advanced, perfect for complementing the boldest and most modern looks.

Words: @annaamaso