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ELEFANTES CABALGANDO TOUR: Abhir Hathi Dazzles again in Barcelona

NON. Magazine anticipates the next concert by Abhir Hathi at Sala Razzmatazz 2 in Barcelona on Thursday, February 25, as part of his “ELEFANTES CABALGANDO TOUR”. This event promises to be a milestone in the music scene following its debut in Madrid, where the artist delivered his most outstanding performance to date.

The musical phenomenon Abhir Hathi, following the urban landscape, presents a surprising twist in “Brown Boy”. This latest work fuses hip hop with hard Indian influences, creating a unique musical experience. Leading this innovation is the genius producer Saint Lowe, the mastermind behind the project.

“Brown Boy” carries the late motive “Hard Music for Calm Souls”, reflecting the serenity Abhir has found in standing up for his Indian heritage. This shift is reflected in intense tracks that challenge the listener’s perception and that’s something that resonates especially on stage.

This concert in Barcelona marks the second stop of the tour, and expectations are high after the show he delivered in Madrid. “El Fiero”, with his unique aesthetic, promises to take the audience on a musical journey that goes beyond genre conventions.

As fortunate attendees at the exclusive album preview before its release on Spotify, NON. Magazine has been eagerly awaiting this concert. For fans, this event represents the pinnacle of Abhir’s project, solidifying his position at the forefront of urban music.

Warn all of your “Perros”, don’t be “SHTOOPID” and get ready to witness an innovative fusion of musical styles at the “ELEFANTES CABALGANDO TOUR”, an experience that will captivate Barcelona on February 25 at sala Razzmatazz 2.

words: @64kouri