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Emma Anaïs Anscheidt interview

Emma, a talented jewelry designer based in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Emma’s journey is a fascinating blend of cultures — born and raised in Spain with American and German roots.

Her story takes us on a creative odyssey that started in the heart of London, where Emma’s passion for jewelry design began to flourish. A pivotal moment occurred when she took a small job in a friend’s jewelry studio, igniting a lifelong fascination with crafting beautiful, tangible objects.

What makes Emma’s narrative even more compelling is her innate inclination to work with her hands, a quality that has been a constant in her life. When the challenges of the Covid era emerged, Emma seized the opportunity for personal and professional growth. She embarked on a self-taught journey, a quest to master the craft, ultimately earning a degree in jewelry design right here in Barcelona.

Currently, Emma brings her unique perspective and boundless creativity to a shared studio, which has become the birthplace of her current creations. Today, we have the privilege of delving into Emma’s artistic process, exploring the inspirations behind her designs, and learning more about the captivating intersection of her multicultural background and artistic endeavors. 

Anna Masó: We’ve seen that you’re not only the creator of the jewelry but also present yourself as a model in your work. Can you explain the connection between your presence as a model and the narrative you aim to convey through your jewelry? 

Emma Anaïs: The connection is quite natural, presenting myself alongside the work made the most harmonious sense. I believe it allows the vision to shine best for the time being. My work takes inspiration mainly from how I am feeling in my day-to-day life and emotions I flow through during the day. One day it could be the texture of the sea and another the colour of an aubergine in the supermarket. I really try to stay in tune with my imagination and where it takes me and not be intimidated by it either. These images couldn’t have been possible without my dear friends Jo and Mon who have such angelic ways of conveying my work. Lets talk about the meaning behind your creations.

AM: You mention that each piece tells a story. Could you share with us some of the inspirations behind your work? 

EA: The inspiration varies slightly depending on the piece, I can fixate on one thing for some time and make many pieces inspired by it (this month happened to be – buttons) the pieces I have been making for these months have touched on parts of my childhood and the innocence one has when their imagination can run free with no judgment. I have taken large inspiration from the costumes my mum used to sew for my sister and I as kids, every halloween or carnival was full of pattern cutting and sewing and I think that is something that I have always held close to my heart. I try to work mainly on the spur of each moment and try to give light to my ideas as they come to me. 

AM:What message do you hope to convey through your jewelry and the accompanying visual narratives? 

 EA: To be honest i’m not sure if there is a concrete message but something I have always felt that from the beginning i wanted them to translate emotion. Whether nostalgia and longing, happiness or sadness, fear or comfort, the feelings no one sees but most have daily. 

AM: Is there anything else you’d like to explore aside from the world of jewelry? 

EA: I’ve always been drawn to the culinary world and fusions of different flavors so it would definitely be something with cooking involved! 

AM:  What unique perspective do you believe your creations will bring to the artistic dialogue?

EA: I feel as though it could bring the idea of creating with no limits, whether it be material , ideas or imagination I truly believe everything is possible and wearing jewelry that may be slightly out of your comfort zone I think gives you confidence and freedom. 

AM: Is there any project you would like to share with us for the future? 

EA: Im really exited to share the pieces I’ve been working on currently, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to a point where im overall very happy with the outcome of my pieces and I see my self in them too, so I guess just on the look out for those!


Photography: Josefina del Villar @jo.delbrillar

Art direction: Monica Machin Peris @monmnomm

Makeup: Paula Rodriguez @xinaarodriguez 

Wearing: @emmaanaisanscheidt @zoeoms @anem00000000ne @mireia.vilapuig