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«Empty» portrays a visual story of how humans can feel lonely as young adults
developing in society. When we grow up, we have this habit of romanticising our futures, of how much better everything will be once we are older. Movies, books, and our parents all influence this vision of how life will be. Children have these ideas and dreams of how their life will be when they turn into «official» adults, how many friends they have, how many people will be around them, but most end up feeling much more alone than anticipated. It is a nagging feeling that most humans did not experience before. A sense of, even when being around many people, still feeling alone and empty, misunderstood. Darkness engulfs us, threatening to take away the childish thinkings we have left when we form into adults. A feeling of loneliness can destroy many joys in life if we are not prepared for them. It can be like a mirror to our inner child who does not understand why we feel this way. Why not everything is as perfect as we imagined during our childhood. Yet, the beauty of life is learning to love being alone, spending time with ourselves and learning to appreciate ourselves even when we are not surrounded by others. Feeling empty is an element of growing up, a part everyone must go through at some point. Being lonely as a part of transforming into adults».

Fashion Styling and Creative Direction: Claudia Julia Schergen @claudia.juliaa
Photographer: Maggie McLemore @magsterss
MakeUp Artist: Lizaveta Lazouskaya 

Hairstylist: Marine Sergent de Joannis 

Fashion Styling Assistant: Tayler Schumann 

Models: Piangkwan Setthakorn @nam2612  and Zhendan @souslamontagne