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Etnia Barcelona Revolutionizes Primavera Sound 2024 with its Musical Project “Red Sound”

Etnia Barcelona, the renowned independent fashion eyewear brand, has made an indelible mark at the 22nd edition of Primavera Sound Barcelona with the launch of its innovative musical project “Red Sound.” The project took place at one of the festival’s most prominent stages, the “Red Sound Studio by Etnia Barcelona,” which hosted over 1,500 attendees on May 30, 31, and June 1.

“Red Sound” offered a new perspective in the music world, revealing the most intimate and unknown facets of the artists. This approach was experienced at the “Red Sound Studio by Etnia Barcelona,” a space that became the most exclusive and intimate corner of Primavera Sound 2024. Attendees enjoyed 9 unprecedented musical sessions from artists in the lineup, including internationally renowned names like Villano Antillano, 070 Shake, and BB Trickz, as well as prominent national artists like Alizz and GOMZ. Emerging artists on the rise, such as Maria Hein, Nusar3000, Bikôkô, and Ego Sex, also participated.

The “Red Sound Studio by Etnia Barcelona” was the festival’s biggest revelation, with long lines of eager fans waiting to enter. The keys to its success lie in its intimate format, where fans are just a few meters from the artists, with a reduced capacity and unique, never-before-seen shows and music. This activation, never before seen at the festival, exceeded all expectations and generated incredible FOMO (fear of missing out) among attendees.

The “Red Sound” project does not end here. Starting in September, Etnia Barcelona will continue to offer new musical sessions at its Flagship Store located in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona. These sessions promise to unveil more unreleased material and offer exclusive concerts. To inaugurate the “Red Sound Studio by Etnia Barcelona,” the brand invited influential personalities such as celebrity Lucia Rivera, fashion creatives like María Bernad and Curro Verdugo, actors and actresses like Hugo Arbués, Sergio Momo, Jedet, and Alex Saint, as well as local influencers like Júlia Mas and international influencers like Lin Lin.

Additionally, the most notable attendees of the “Red Sound Studio by Etnia Barcelona” received the limited-edition sunglasses capsule “Primavera Sound x Etnia Barcelona.” This exclusive design, inspired by the style of the 2000s, was presented in two colors: carmine red and intense black, both with red lenses. Like all Etnia Barcelona sunglasses, this limited edition incorporates an HD mineral lens and a photochromic filter that adjusts the darkness of the lens according to the intensity of the sun. These sunglasses were available for purchase during the festival, at the Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store, and on the brand’s website.

Etnia Barcelona has not only stood out at Primavera Sound 2024 but has also established a new way to connect fashion and music, offering unique and exclusive experiences to its followers. With “Red Sound,” the brand reaffirms its commitment to innovation and creativity, marking a before and after in the musical and fashion landscape.

Words: @annaamaso