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Exploring Boundaries: Non Gravity’s Creative Adventure in Fashion

In the world of fashion, creativity serves as the currency, and innovation becomes the key to standing out amidst the crowd. In this context, the artistic collective Non Gravity has boldly entered the stage of Fashion Weeks with a fresh and distinctive proposal that seamlessly merges audiovisual art with the world of fashion.

It all began in an art high school, where a group of young individuals, one joining later, discovered their shared passion for art and creativity. What initially kicked off as a school project in audiovisual culture swiftly evolved into a professional adventure when they decided to venture into the realm of music videos.

Over time, Non Gravity expanded its horizons, transitioning from the production of music videos to exploring various aspects of audiovisual arts. Ultimately, they made the bold decision to immerse themselves in the world of fashion. Their aesthetic has evolved into their distinctive signature, marked by a retro wave and cyberpunk narrative that reflects Asian cinematic influences and the unique personal style of each collective member. This aesthetic, combined with a meticulous focus on art direction, ensures that every piece they produce carries profound meaning and a distinct identity that bears their unmistakable mark.

This article not only sheds light on Non Gravity’s accomplishments but also emphasizes their ability to shine by incorporating iconic elements from each city, infusing them with their personal touch, and creating a cohesive editorial across the world’s four most significant fashion weeks.

For Non Gravity, fashion represents an opportunity to explore new forms of expression and challenge the limits of creativity. To them, «Non Gravity» embodies the feeling of floating aimlessly in an empty space, possessing a blank canvas where they can paint, go, return, or stay without being anchored to anything – a state of being in nothingness and deciding where to go.

«The more you confine yourself to a niche, the more creatively closed you become, and when you head in only one direction, you don’t absorb all the knowledge and experiences that other things can offer you.»

Their inspiration revolves around the idea of capturing the iconic essence of each fashion week in the world’s major capitals. The goal is to grasp something newsworthy and use it as a starting point for creating something innovative. Each team member conducted exhaustive research, immersing themselves in the fashion world and exploring the most prominent trends of each location.

As innovation forms the core of Non Gravity, instead of strictly adhering to a predefined image, they adopted a different approach. Their aim was to capture the most iconic concepts of each city and add their personal touch from an audiovisual perspective.

In this way, they unified the four cities in a single photoshoot, creating a cohesive experience that highlighted diversity while maintaining a distinctive identity. The goal was to transcend geographical and cultural limitations to create a global narrative.

In Paris, MIU MIU and Y/Project captured Natalia’s attention for their innovation and avant-garde approach.

In the case of MIU MIU, Natalia decided to focus on capturing the dynamic and vibrant essence of the brand. Inspired by the female model Paula, she opted for unique and dynamic angles in her photographs, seeking to create a sense of movement and energy in each image. The slightly distorted perspective, reminiscent of a fisheye effect, became a creative tool to emphasize the uniqueness and boldness of the garments.

On the other hand, the focus on Y/Project explored even bolder and more futuristic territories. Inspired by the brand’s innovative aesthetics, Natalia sought to create images that challenged traditional conventions of fashion photography, capturing the brand’s futuristic and provocative essence, conveying a sense of audacity and exploration.

New York Fashion Week was an event that didn’t go unnoticed for (YEID), as a photographer. Although sometimes overwhelming due to its significance and the vast amount of information generated, something particularly captivating caught his attention this year.

Elena Vélez’s runway show stood out, presenting a collection that was anything but conventional. Inspired by a dystopian world and an aesthetic reminiscent of «Mad Max,» it explored femininity from an unusual angle: violence. It was a unique experience, especially when the runway turned into a stage of mud and earth, reminiscent of a tribute to Balenciaga.

When it came time to choose the concept for New York City, (YEID) decided to borrow the provocative and daring spirit of Vélez but adapted it to his own creative vision. He wanted to explore the theme of violence from a more personal perspective, relating it to inclusivity in the fashion world and sensuality seen from a purer, more natural standpoint.

He chose to create a setting with natural sand and racially diverse models, as an act of reclaiming and representation. He wanted his images to convey strength and vulnerability simultaneously, capturing the essence of femininity in a changing and challenging environment. The looks he devised were an extension of these premises, with garments resembling a second skin and maintaining neutral tones in harmony with the natural environment and the idea of a post-apocalyptic dystopia.

The result was photographs that sought to provoke reflection and dialogue on complex themes such as violence, inclusivity, and sensuality, transcending fashion conventions and creating a visual narrative that resonated on a deeper level with the viewer.

Noelia chose to focus on Milan, selecting Del Core and Dries Van Noten, finding an interesting dichotomy in them that reflected the diversity and essence of contemporary youth.

To represent Del Core, Noelia chose her friend Marta as a model, seeking to embody the spirit of the modern femme fatale. With the use of leather, flowers, and a predominantly red color palette, they aimed to convey the strength and seduction characteristic of this aesthetic. The makeup complemented the look with bold and defined eyeliner, accentuating the feline gaze they sought to create.

Simultaneously, Noelia wanted to ensure cohesion between the two brands, incorporating elements of Del Core’s style into the representation of Dries Van Noten. The use of leather and the femme fatale theme merged with Dries Van Noten’s oversized aesthetic and characteristic stripes, creating a look that reflected contemporary fashion reinterpreted.

One of the standout features of the Dries Van Noten representation was the makeup, designed by Cris Ojada, which included feathered eyeliner to give a distinctive and unique touch to the brand’s style.

Aleix faced a personal challenge by taking on a more prominent role in the project, stepping away from his usual position behind the scenes to lead creatively. Starting with London, he sought to find an original and representative concept for London Fashion Week, a city whose prestige in the fashion world had been diminishing over time.

After an exhaustive search, Aleix found inspiration in the runway show of designer Simone Rocha, combining ballet elements with a futuristic aesthetic, highlighting silver garments and the classic tulle fabric of tutus. He decided to capture the essence of the show not only through the models and garments but also by showcasing the work behind each photograph, following an approach reminiscent of Annie Leibovitz’s style.

Experimenting with lighting and poses, Aleix aimed to infuse dynamism into his images, reflecting the energy and elegance of ballet. Playing with the symbolism of the bow, a recurring element in Rocha’s show, Aleix incorporated giant bows and details like shoelaces turned into bows, as well as a bouquet of mini bows.

The photographs captured the duality between futuristic coldness and ballet grace, showcasing both the elegance of the garments and the meticulous work behind each image. In the world of fashion, creativity and innovation intertwine to forge new paths and challenge established conventions. Non Gravity is a testament to how a shared passion for art and expression can lead to unexpected and transformative adventures. Fashion is much more than garments and runways; it is a platform for creative expression and the exploration of new horizons, where each design and photograph tells a unique and powerful story.

Words: @casandram.ugc

Photo and art direction:

Joseph Mustelier (@the_yeid) Aleix Reyes (@aleishhh._) Noelia Marcos (@noelia.mgx @noe.raww) Natalia Mata (@nat.matag @nat.reel)


Hanna Soltau  (@hannybunny7_7 @hannybunnymua)


Jose Esteban Caballero (@swantoonn.wkarl)


Víctor Martinez (@vittoriomarba) Katyn Ozuna (@ozunakat) Laura Tena (@lauttena)

Models: Sayo Mendes (@sayomendes) Katlyn Ozuna  (@ozunakat) Fátima Llenera (@fatimallerenaa) Carlos Ruiz (@kkarlos_) Marta Moreno (@martamorenopineda) Irune Becker(@irune.bckr) Paula García (@galaxy_hipstercat) Marc Gil (@marcxgil)

Production assistants:

Ainhoa Villén (@ainhoavillen_) Claudia Campo (@claudiacmpo) Anna Contreras (@annacpineda)