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Exploring Elegance and Deconstructed Power with Ottolinger’s Latest Collection

Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, the dynamic duo behind Ottolinger, delved into the post-nightlife reverie of a woman navigating life’s grand challenges in their latest collection. Stepping away from the pulsating dance floor, the designers unveiled an array of deconstructed traditional suits, dresses, and body-hugging knits, all tailored for the woman with larger aspirations.

The collection showcased the clever reimagination of tailoring, emphasizing a departure from Ottolinger’s penchant for bold prints. Instead, the focus shifted to a curated selection of looks, including a capsule collaboration with Swisscom’s fashion line 079, paying homage to the duo’s Swiss roots.

Bösch and Gadient envisioned their creations as the epitome of «good airport looks,» seamlessly blending faux-fur-clad and tweed-embedded items. The designers described their muse as a sophisticated «boss lady» lounging in the first-class area, prompting the inclusion of relaxed pants paired with shirts and ties. Their goal was to challenge and deconstruct the traditional concept of authority, seeking a delicate balance between evolution and subtlety for the Ottolinger brand.

A notable commentary unfolded on the runway, with models strutting down carrying logo shopping bags. The duo clarified that this was both a reflection on the show’s location on Boulevard Haussmann, opposite Galeries Lafayette, and a satirical take on luxury brands cashing in on shopping bag-shaped accessories at premium price points.

Ottolinger’s latest collection masterfully navigated the intersection of sophistication, deconstruction, and social commentary, presenting a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion.

Words: @annaamaso