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FAIN by Maarouf103

Fain collection by Maarouf103 is a captivating fusion between Naive art and textile expression contemporary. Recognized for its search for candor and naivety, the collection redefines the boundaries between art and fashion by incorporating spontaneity.

Naive art, known for its emphasis on simplicity and authenticity, has served as a point of creative departure for this unique collection. This artistic trend, characterized by its bold use of bright and anti-naturalistic colors, highlights the beauty of the naive and the freshness of unrestricted creativity. Self-taught artists have played a fundamental role in the Naif movement, and their works. They reflect spontaneity and personal vision.

The collection pays tribute to the way in which the learning process inherent to maturity can transform and enrich our perception of the world. The designs reveal how initial naivety can merge with wisdom acquired, creating a unique amalgam of creativity and experience.


Creative director: LAURA MAAROUF @lauramaarouf

Photo: PAULO HERRERA @pauloherrera.foto

Stylist: CARLOTA @cteschendorff

Mua: SARA MONTERO @Sasharimg

Models: JULIA GALEANO @juliagaleano_ / ALBERTO ALIAGA @aaliagaa