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Gimaguas store

In the heart of Barcelona, Gimaguas has brought to life an unparalleled experience that transcends mere clothing shopping. TEST and Guillermo Santomà, honored with the 2022 AD Campari Award for Best Designer and Creative, have collaborated to create an evocative space that redefines the concept of a conventional store.

The new headquarters of Gimaguas, located at 230 Rosselló Street, stands as a tourist destination in its own right. This project has transformed the store into a must-visit enclave for those exploring the city. The fusion of Guillermo Santomà and TEST’s design vision has given birth to an almost magical place, where industrial meets artisanal.

The store’s entrance serves as a gateway to a unique world, where the scenography envelops the space in a fabric of petrified concrete. This polysemic design manages to convey contrasting sensations: warmth and coolness, industrial aesthetics and craftsmanship, all in one place.

Founded in 2018 by twin sisters Claudia and Sayana Durany, Gimaguas is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a space that fosters relationships and conversations with the surroundings. Their garments, designed in collaboration with artists and artisans from around the world, reflect a fusion of influences ranging from Rajasthan to Formentera.

The new establishment not only offers fashion but also a unique sensory experience. From wool sweaters and sets to futuristic-looking bags with silver details, each item tells a distinctive story. Immerse yourself in the world of Gimaguas, where fashion meets creativity and innovation in a space designed to inspire.

words: @annaamaso

Aitor Goikoetxea x Gimaguas

The exciting launch of the collaboration between Basque designer Aitor Goikoetxea and Barcelona-based brand Gimaguas took place on November 14. Together, they brought to life a captivating knitwear capsule collection under the evocative name ‘Soft Cuts.’ In this brief analysis, we delve into the essence of the collaboration and share our favorites.

The announcement of this collaboration reverberated across social media, with simultaneous posts on the Instagram profiles of @aitorgoiko_ and @gimaguas. The result of their collaborative effort is ‘Soft Cuts,’ a capsule collection that delves into nostalgia and intimacy through fabrics and the connection between the clothing and the wearer.

Comprising 13 garments and 3 accessories, the collection features a color palette ranging from neutrals like beige and grey to vibrant tones such as pink, red, and various shades of blue. Distinctive details like rips and embroideries, synonymous with Aitor Goikoetxea, seamlessly merge with Gimaguas’ characteristic silhouettes, including vests and wraps.

‘Soft Cuts’ is more than just a fashion collection; it’s an expression of emotions and connections. The blend of Aitor Goikoetxea’s unique vision and Gimaguas’ distinctive style results in a proposal that captures attention, inviting exploration of nostalgia and intimacy through each thread and texture. Immerse yourself in this unique collaboration and discover our favorites from ‘Soft Cuts.’