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Gucci FW24: Desirability through wardrobe essentials

After a quite soft start, the creative vision of Sabato di Sarno is expanding through a sexy vision mixed with wardrobe essentials that makes the collection desirable for a kind of public that wears luxury fashion. His work is his way of dreaming out of the Italian offices, his presentations are capturing the essence of life, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

With a selection of 55 looks and a song by Did Birgo and Morgan K, the brand is continuing the narrative of the easy to wear and easy to combine beliefs. Muted tones are the way to construct a minimal collection where details, gestures and perspectives are the main differentiators. As the ancora red last season, rotten green is the color selected by the design team to put their most effort on and try to establish a trend in society.

We can see riskier silhouettes and ones more personal to the creative head. They embrace the body of the client and thanks to the no theme policy we are not attached to a certain thought, making the collection more atemporal but less impactful at the same time. Unbelievable acts of craftsmanship are shown in some pieces through exceptional techniques that elevate simple garments into desirable ones.

Rich textiles were presented in a very fall color palette, some knitwear pieces were enriched with crystals and pailletes. With a mindset of creating something that is the result of what Sabato loves and hates, there are several new handbags with signatures of the Italian house and archival necklaces in galvanized gold with a studded motif. The main product presented were the loafers heels, where we can see the empowerment of women and the comfort of being a platform. A lot of variety in only two womenswear presentations that inclines us to think that a big it piece is on the way.

Words: @alraco43