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Gucci Unveils Cruise 2025 Collection Venue: Tate Modern Museum in London

The world of fashion gears up for an extraordinary event as Gucci announces the setting for its highly anticipated Cruise 2025 show: the Tate Modern Museum in London.

This announcement not only marks a special occasion for fashion enthusiasts but also signifies the unique convergence of art, fashion, and cultural history at one of the world’s most iconic creative hubs.

The Tate Modern Museum, nestled along the Thames in the vibrant city of London, provides the perfect backdrop for Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s vision for Gucci’s Cruise 2025 collection. Since taking the creative helm of Gucci in January of last year, Neapolitan designer Sabato De Sarno has enjoyed success with each of his presentations. For its inaugural Cruise 2025 runway, the fashion house heads to London, a city of paramount importance in revisiting its roots. Specifically, the showcase will take place at the Tate Modern art museum on May 13th.

The British capital played a pivotal role in Guccio Gucci’s creation of Gucci. The brand’s history with London is intertwined with its founder, who in 1897 worked as a bellhop at The Savoy hotel. Observing guests and their luggage, he was inspired to create his own line of luxury suitcases and bags, founding his eponymous brand in 1921, with its first store on Via della Vigna Nuova in Florence, Italy. In line with Gucci’s steadfast commitment to championing culturally significant places and their respective communities, the brand will support the Electric Dreams exhibition at the Tate Modern, opening this autumn, along with a three-year partnership fostering the museum’s work with young creatives. «Gucci and the Tate share a commitment to inclusion and empowerment, aiming to foster positive exchanges within communities and inspire creativity among diverse audiences,» the brand declared. The Tate creates an environment where art and architecture interact, inspiring innovation and challenging boundaries, much like London itself. Drawing inspiration from multiple trips to the city over the years, immersing himself in its diverse cultures, Sabato seeks to capture the essence of London’s spirit: a meeting of ideas, styles, and personalities, defined by contrasts that ignite creativity.

Prior to the pandemic, Gucci had showcased its Cruise collections in historic locations in Arles, Alyscamps, New York, Florence, and Rome. Building on this tradition, in May of last year, Gucci unveiled its Cruise 2024 collection designed by the in-house team with a runway show at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea, commemorating twenty-five years of the Italian brand in the country.

Words: @annaamaso