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Gucci’s Cruise Collection Makes a Splash at Tate Modern in London

In a dazzling debut of its Cruise collection, Gucci’s creative director Sabato de Sarno chose the iconic Tate Modern for the brand’s showcase, marking a return to London’s vibrant fashion scene. The collection, unveiled against the backdrop of the renowned museum, epitomized Gucci’s signature blend of freshness, sophistication, and casual flair.

London, a city that inspired Guccio Gucci at the brand’s inception, provided the perfect setting for the Cruise 2025 Collection runway, celebrating the capital’s cultural richness and trendsetting spirit. Denim took center stage, intricately adorned with fringes or embroidered flowers, juxtaposed with chiffon, suede, and leather to create a captivating interplay of textures.

The standout pieces in vibrant Ancora red adorned flats, mini shorts, suede dresses, and sleek two-piece ensembles, while textured white sets, relaxed denim trousers, silk-printed blouses, and sheer floral skirts added further allure to the collection.

Tonight’s show at the Tate Modern marked Gucci’s return to London since 2016, resonating with the city’s inclusive ethos—a sentiment echoed by de Sarno, who expressed gratitude for the city’s acceptance and influence. Drawing parallels between Gucci’s resurgence and London’s evolving landscape post-Brexit, the collection symbolized a new chapter of creative exploration for the brand.

From tailored outerwear paired with denim to intricately embellished jeans and leather coats, each ensemble exuded a sense of liberated elegance. The runway finale, set to a fusion of Mina’s «Ancora» and Debbie Harry’s «Heart of Glass,» underscored both the collection’s revival of iconic Gucci elements and the expansion of de Sarno’s creative vision.

Words: @annaamaso