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Heliot Emil FW24: A look to the future for protection

Copenhague is one of the centers of fashion nowadays, and the work of Julius and Victor Juul is an example of the potential that brands that come from the Danish city have. With each collection they are looking to expand their abilities to create forward thinking streetwear garments, focusing on the usage of innovative textiles.

Now, they are rethinking their brand’s relationship to the catwalk, and how they do not need to be in Paris or present a live show to stage something that will generate some kind of buzz, just by presenting well thought out clothing. SHELTER is the name of the collection that they just presented in a showroom in the capital, drawing attention to their second collaboration with Alpinestars, a company from Italy that focuses on motor sports and material innovation. 

23 looks curated by the Juul’s brothers, they expressed a utilitarian way of life, not decorative, through their aesthetic with some wearable sculptures crafted from deployed airbags. Upcycling was a big part of the collection and it shows, but also we can talk about the idea of shielding and feeling comfortable in your own pieces. Protection is a factor that can make a customer change their opinion about purchasing a certain item or not. That is why the Danish brothers are investing in trying to figure out what kind of textile is better for the wearer, and establishing good connections with well known brands in the sector of safety.

Their silhouettes this season were upgraded and softened throughout the selection of the materials they used to create the garments. Cozy is an adjective that rarely we would give to this brand in previous collections, but now they are in a period where they are trying to evolve the drops into a futuristic kit for tomorrow. All of it centers around lightweight and flowy textiles mixed with slim-cut suiting and hard-metal accessories. Heliot Emil is wrapping the body of the wearer in ways that reflect maturity for a brand that relies on the youth.

Words: @alraco43