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Highlights from Berlin Fashion Week FW24

Throughout this past week, the rave scene and the contemporary fashion lovers had a meeting in the streets of Berlin to define what Germany is fashion wise for FW24. Lots of iconic runways occur and we are here to present to you our favorite ones.

GERRIT JACOB inaugurated the Berlin Fashion Week with a 12 looks collection that was showcased in Intervention, a new format. Called MADE IN HEAVEN, the collection was  a reflection into identity and self-realization throughout streetwear-inspired complete looks featuring neon-colored airbrushed cat-techno prints. As a Central Saint Martins Alumni, he elaborated an intricate concept to present wearable pieces with a certain aesthetic.

Created by Yolanda Zobel and Marcelo Alcaide, BACK2BACK presented RETAIL ACT 1, a 19 looks commercial collection that was mainly urban, workwear-inspired looks in black and white. They deconstructed traditional elements of men’s clothing and reassembled them in a chaotic manner to differentiate from others.

Concluding Monday night, Shayne Oliver shared his creations for ANONYMOUS CLUB, a laboratory where elements of art, music and fashion are blended with an eclectic vision. 25 looks that represent the heedlessness that was on the creator’s mind back in the day. It drew inspiration from nightlife and experimental archives, showing the multifaceted personality of its founder. Stefano Pilati and Kristina Nagel were models and Kanye West was on there too, so it was the most international event of the week.

HADERLUMP, created by Johann Ehrhardt, expressed their progressive urban aesthetic throughout 34 looks. CIRCULARIS is the proposition for FW24 of the brand and it revolved around experimental silhouettes, impeccable craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, using exclusively deadstock materials.

On Tuesday, the collection HERITAGE by RICHERT BEIL was presented and they revisited signature pieces and reinterpreted the designs and pattern from their debut, due to the celebration of their decade of creative work. Jale Richert and Michele Beil used unusual materials such as rubber, paper and plastic combined with luxurious Italian fabrics. Inclusivity, diversity and sustainability are words that can describe the 18 looks.

Combining a forward-thinking sensibility of contemporary aesthetics with traditional techniques, LOU DE BÈTOLY presented a collection about illusion and distortion. Her characteristic handcrafting techniques transformed second-hand materials into tactile luxury garments with a unique twist. 33 looks that showed the range of the French designer.

Starting Wednesday in the best way possible, SURREALISTIC DREAMSCAPE was presented by GLÜCK CLOTHES. A collection that step out from the ordinary and into something more playful and imaginative. The Ukrainian designer, Egor Bashtovenko, is experimenting with unexpected materials and details in all the pieces shown.

With an impressive army of models, SIA ARNIKA, presented a collection in a former club at Potsdamer Platz. The collection consisted in 41 looks that created an aura of sensuality, inspired by the silent-acting of Asta Nielsen. It embraces the duality and contrast as her other collection, but this time she played with an eerie vibe through casting and MUAH that disturbed the audience.

SF1OG, in contrast, showed 25 looks that celebrated nostalgia and zeitgeist. Their materials and cuts are special in every one of their pieces, but the ambience they created at Ernst-Reuter-Gymnasium was so effective. To the rhythm of the remixes of nineties classics, a casting curated by Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder showcased the unwavering dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability, and inclusivity of the brand.

Words: @alraco43