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Highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24

In the already vibrant city of Copenhagen, renowned for its colorful houses and sought-after style, the atmosphere becomes even more electrifying during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The autumn/winter 2024 season showcased a diverse array of both established and emerging Scandinavian brands, emphasizing CPHFW’s distinctive focus on sustainability and its commitment to transforming the fashion event landscape.

Among the highlights, FORZA COLLECTIVE stood out, presenting a collection that defies contemporary fashion norms. With a fusion of technical luxury, exquisite craftsmanship, and a bold approach to Scandinavian minimalism, the AW24 collection encourages women to embrace strength and femininity in today’s complex world. Bold cuts break with tradition, seamlessly combining simplicity with extravagance, setting a new standard in fashion. The collection draws inspiration from the 90s fashion era, featuring deconstructed elements, diversified silhouettes with empire waists, and dropped skirts—a celebration of classic techniques and creative exploration.

AERON returned to Copenhagen Fashion Week with its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, presented at the historic venue of Frederiksgade 1, creating a gallery setting with ceramic and textile artworks. The collection, marked by AERON’s signature earthy tones, takes on new meaning with shades of browns symbolizing a compost of remnants and fertile soil, balancing the dichotomy of death and rebirth. Unconventional use of color introduces pops of bold pink and arctic blue, adding an astonishing twist to the sophisticated presentation.

VAIN’s AW24 collection draws inspiration from the pursuit of balance between personal and professional life, exploring the irony of the fashion industry’s eternal rat race. Influenced by busy Tokyo businessmen, the early trap era of the 2010s, and the unique nightlife of Helsinki, «Married to the VAIN» tells a compelling story of navigating the intricate dance between work and passion, leisure and daily life—a love story between life and work.

STAMM’s autumn/winter ’24 collection, presented by designer Elisabet Stamm, provides a charmingly personal snapshot of her daily life. Connecting her home-studio, the museum, and a Danish discount supermarket, Stamm’s collection explores the intertwining of art, home, and brand. The renowned art center Copenhagen Contemporary served as the backdrop, featuring items from Stamm’s own home, including a distinctive plaid couch that now proudly sits in the gallery hall, reminiscent of a Marcel Duchamp readymade.

Words: @annaamaso