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Hyères Festival 2024 Promises an International and Exciting Showcase with a Star-Studded Jury

The 39th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography, and Accessories, Hyères, is set to dazzle at the enchanting Villa Noailles from October 10th to 13th. This annual event, conceived by visionary Jean-Pierre Blanc and presided over by Pascale Mussard, pledges a fusion of creativity, innovation, and style.

Since its inception in 1986, Hyères has steadfastly supported emerging international fashion designers. In 1997, it expanded its horizons to include a competition for emerging photographers, and in 2016, it extended its visionary reach to acknowledge the brilliance of young fashion accessory designers. Hyères stands as the oldest fashion competition dedicated to nurturing the creative spirits of young professionals.

As the sun sets on the Mediterranean horizon, the festival will come alive with an eclectic mix of designers, photographers, and accessory creators vying for acclaim. With the support of partners such as Chanel, la Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, 7L, Première Vision, LVMH, Hermès, and more, the winning talents will receive not only grants but also support throughout their creative journey.

The discerning fashion jury, featuring influential voices such as Nicolas Di Felice (Jury President/Artistic Director, Courrèges), Carlijn Jacobs (photographer), Hari Nef (actress), and more, has meticulously selected ten finalists. These designers, hailing from various parts of the world, will showcase their collections in public and professional fashion shows directed by Maida Grégory-Boina. Each distinguished outfit will claim a permanent spot at Villa Noailles, solidifying its place in the prestigious Festival collection.

The accessories jury, led by Achilles Ion Gabriel (Jury President/Creative Director of Camper), curated a selection of ten designers from five nations, whose creations will take center stage at Villa Noailles under the visionary direction of Nataniel N.M. Robert.

Coco Capitán (Jury President/Artist) heads the photography jury, selecting ten emerging photographers for a group exhibition under the artistic direction of Magalie Guérin. The exhibitions will remain open to the public until January 2025, offering a celebration of the avant-garde and a testament to the boundless possibilities of creative expression.

Words: @annaamaso