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Inside the ARZE Sessions 002 event

The emerging brand of vegan sneakers Arze Brand celebrated last Wednesday, June 7th the ARZE Sessions 002, an event where the music and fashion were the main characters

After the success of ARZE Sessions 001, the brand celebrated the second one inside Palmera Estudio, a privileged space in the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona, that creates a coexistence between people and art.

As usual, music was present from the first moment that the first guests started to arrive, who enjoyed having an open bar with free beers supplied by Estrella Galicia. A huge disco ball put the light all night long to the main room, which became the event’s dance floor and the stage for the artist Kora. ‘Paciencia’ or ‘Como si nada’ were some of the songs that Kora played, surrounded by all the guests, among whom were the digital creator Charlie Narcotic, the founders and CEOs of Susmie’s Collection or the actress Renata Ciaglia.

Between applause and cheers, dinner came supplied by Hide Out Burgers, which brought all types of hamburgers, making sure everyone could enjoy the food, as well as snacks and fried fries. As they showed in the first session, Arze Brand proved that the purpose of their CEO, Álvaro Sancristobal, is still a main priority in the brand growth: merging sustainable fashion with independent music creating a personal vibe.

words: @laiiajorda