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Interview with Herase Studio: Cariñito »A hate-love story»

Meet Marta Herase, a designer whose essence remains intertwined with the same joy she discovered from a young age – a joy found in the intricacies of colors, cartoons, magazines, and games. Having completed her fashion studies just a year ago, Marta reflects on a journey where she has consistently immersed herself in the world of fabrics, drawings, and patterns, crafting a unique imagination that serves as the foundation for her creative endeavors.

Anna Masó: Tell us more about the @herase.studio brand?

Marta Herase: HERASE comes from a play on words with my last name and embodies the pure essence of who I am, encapsulated in my own freedom. Everything originates from my imagination, with a vibe that is playful, ironic, and childlike.

AM: What inspired the creation of the Cariñito collection?

MH: CARIÑITO is the largest and most significant project to date, functioning as an open diary where I express and reflect my identity. It aims to tell a story hidden in the personal journals I wrote as a child, narrating memories, experiences, and people who have always been with me. Additionally, it serves as a dedication, thanking them for shaping me into who I am. CARIÑITO also holds special significance, as it acted as a driving force after a challenging event that made me lose confidence in myself. It was the sole goal that guided me to regain enthusiasm in my life.

AM: Who contributes to the Cariñito collection?

MH: I’ve collaborated with multiple emerging artists for the comprehensive development of the project. @felipe_huertas_ as the editorial photographer, @akaguerri for the overall imagery and 3D design, @yolbecool as the creative director for hairstyling, with @ndlhss.fx and @aleamakeup as makeup artists, @artenea3d for the 3D printing of bags, and @jeanologia for laser treatment on denim in some looks. Other contributors, such as @dokoronails, @valentinaizumi, @ekinoke, @marc0rtega, and @sara.interiordsgn, played crucial roles in fulfilling this dream.

AM: Why Cariñito?

MH: CARIÑITO originated from a childhood song my father used to play, ‘’CARIÑITO’’ by Rodolfo Aicardi, specifically the verse: ‘’Ay, Cariño Ay, mi vida Nunca, pero nunca, me abandones, cariñito.’’ It served as a link to the collection, translating my memories into something fragile and intangible, making them tangible with love, asking them never to fade from my heart.

AM: What symbolic elements can be found in the collection?

MH: In CARIÑITO, each look holds significance, and the choice of having 8 looks is intentional. The number 8, besides being my favorite, represents infinity horizontally. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of all figures, much like the looks in the collection. The order of CARIÑITO includes: Knit look, Coco look, Paperdress, Sisters look, Emodark, Uniform Herase, Merch Look, and The Princess look. Each look represents a different character, telling a distinct story within the collection, while adhering to the codes and silhouettes of HERASE. The Princess Look, which closes CARIÑITO, symbolizes the most absurd femininity, challenging societal expectations.

AM: As a designer, can you share an interesting anecdote about the creation of a particular garment?

MH: One enjoyable aspect was designing the SECRET BAGS, unique handbags shaped like locks, the symbol of the collection. It opens my heart to begin the CARIÑITO story. These bags are unconventional works of art with an aesthetic purpose, not a functional one, treating this accessory as if it were a playful addition to the look.

AM: A piece of advice you would give?

MH: Have fun being who you are and infuse your most personal self into everything you do.

AM: Future projects

MH: I just released my latest drop ‘’XMAS HERASE3’’ and am currently respecting creative timelines while working on a new collection that will be out very soon. Thanks to everyone who believes in me and my project, special thanks to my friend Dinastía for supporting me from start to finish—CARIÑITO, you are also her. Love you all.

Cariñito »A hate-love story»

Creative direction: @herase.studio

Stylist: @martaherase

Photo: @felipe_huertas_

Hair direction: @yolbecool

Makeup direction: @ndlhss.fx @_aleamakeup_

3d arts&visuals: @akaguerri

Print SECRETBAGS: @artenea3d

Digital retouch: @marc0rtega

PR&press: @ekin0ke

Special thanks to: @dinastiadelcarmen @gema_dlara @wdanax @angelazhanglin @ekin0ke @charlotteeeva @itskoroleva @bonzz.png @juliapunet @santi.amen @uleaida @elenislafuente @akaguerri @pvnlv.mz @valentinaizumi @marc0rtega @pelayoalvest @filhodokoro @dannizu @terry.cola3 @sebastianproes