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Invasion of Elegance: The Aliens are Coming, and They’re All Wearing Rick Owens FW24

Rick Owens, the maestro of darkness in fashion, deviated from his typical Palais de Tokyo locale for a more intimate setting – his own Parisian apartment – echoing the style of his recent menswear show. On day four of Paris Fashion Week, he once again hosted three sets of shows.

Known for his sinister fashion approach, Rick Owens seamlessly blends dominating silhouettes, influenced by subcultures, with a color palette that seldom strays from dark tones. However, this season, he introduces a few exceptions.

Titled «Porterville,» Rick Owens’ Fall/Winter 2024 collection maintained his signature style. Instead of conjuring up creatures from a priest’s nightmares, Owens found inspiration in an otherworldly realm. Models graced the runway with alienesque looks, electrified hair, and full faces of white makeup, accompanied by entrancing, hypnosis-inducing sounds.

In a nod to devilish allure, Owens presented jackets with distorted and extended shoulders resembling horns, taking shoulder pads to an entirely new level. Some jackets featured shoulders shooting straight up, others had wing-like extensions, and some even looked like bricks served as shoulder pads. Owens has been playing with the concept of shoulders in his recent seasons, exploring the body’s natural form versus its extension through clothing.

Maintaining the same approach as the previous season, Owens welcomed a limited audience to his Parisian home, presenting his Fall/Winter 2024 womenswear collection titled «PORTERVILLE.» This collection marks the second celebration of Rick Owens’ quarter-century career, infused with a somber undertone of family troubles.

In contrast to his menswear line, the womenswear collection celebrates natural curves, with ribbed knitwear and knotted accessories doubling as protective shields. Owens draws inspiration from his childhood, depicting characters from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ paperbacks, read to him by his father in a judgmental environment.

The intergalactic collection envisions champions of tomorrow, featuring strong-shouldered tops, hooded capes, and swollen footwear. Flared skirts and fuzzy cloaks guard against incoming monsters, while signature cropped bombers transform into waist-cinching spheres of defense. Collarless blazers and floor-length hoodies sweep the floor with bravery, showcasing Owens’ sculptural expertise in five wired looks that push the boundaries of fashion.

Words: @annaamaso