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The collaborative partnership between JACQUEMUS and NIKE has been a jawbreaker since the day they announced it. The first drop was an array of minimalist pieces that enhance the body of the wearer and embraces his body silhouette. The French designer invites sport style into everyday life, fusing his own codes with the heritage of a brand like Nike. A future vision for the sportswear is presented through this innovative and creative project, where the methodology and understanding of garments by different creatives is being shown during the 50th anniversary of the brand.

For the latest drop, Jacquemus secured a viral moment for Nike, designing an instant viral brand that is (literally) the Swoosh logo. This statement accessory represents the values and the visual memory of the brand by the mass audience. It is a recognizable way of celebrating and invigorating the expression of the self through clothing. A powerful arm that we all have in our own wardrobe and that we can enjoy whenever we want to. The reinterpretation of athletic sportswear in a minimal way makes this collaboration the easier way to integrate new garments into an established closet.

Performance is not the only adjective that can go with sport, for the French designer it is about the integration of style and the self into it. We need to feel the best to enjoy working out routines and to have a fluid relationship with our bodies. Purest shapes and lines are achieved by participating in sport, so the creations have all kinds of sensuous details that allow us to connect to nature in the most performative and easy way. The new designs demonstrate the need of expansion for a company like Jacquemus and the help that Nike can provide to small companies to get new markets around the world. 

Apart from Le sac Swoosh, we also got draped pieces that match the vibe of the last catwalks of the creative. Garments that scream confident femininity and alluring masculinity, while keeping true to the codes of both houses. The hoodies and pants were the most comfortable pieces of the drop, while keeping it edgy and elegant due to the incorporation of a laser-cut Swoosh pattern all over them. However, J Force 1 are still developing in new colorways to appeal to a wider audience, generating a new crossover with the shoe of a generation.

On top of it all, the importance of communication was also translated into his Nike releases. For this occasion, the campaign features a known Nike athlete, a style icon and a 2024 Olympian, Sha’Carri Richardson. She is the embodiment of the beliefs that were presented on the first release of the brand: a strong woman that cares for her own body and that is being true to herself, even if the circumstances are not welcoming to how she expresses throughout clothing. The minimal and clean background has been an homage to the Nike campaigns from the 90’s, that were impactful for the designer in his growing years. With JACQUEMUS is always about nostalgia and trying to get the essence of it all, we must prepare ourselves for what might happen next to the first independent and bigger French house of the century.

Words: @alraco43